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  1. Not sure if it is the same issue but I just wasted a day on migrating from owncloud to nextcloud because it seems the native “Nextcloud” sync option is expecting the vault files in a subfolder called “Enpass” and not in the root of the cloud space/Nextcloud. After moving the files to a subfolder called “Enpass” it connected and synced properly.
  2. Enpass 6.8.1 iPadOS 15.4.1 i think I only have it with securego plus. There might have been another one in the past that I can’t recall right now. Definitely don’t have it with many/all apps.
  3. Same here with SecureGo plus App by Mastercard i tried create new item from the top of the autofill list in Enpass but no luck.
  4. Happens for me, too. Maybe it helps, that when I enter something in the search field to narrow down the visible items, Enpass doesn't crash. And yes, it usually does this while syncing with owncloud via WebDav. Also on macOS High Sierra, Enpass 5.6.0. I have 500+ items in my vault. best
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