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  1. Hello, i love the new inline popup and i always missed it. But i have one "issue" with the popup, i have multiple vaults and each vault have a login for the same website (in that case netcup). If the popup is open i just see the name "netcup" twice and the username (which is a customernumber), so i would love if you could the name of the vault somewhere. I don't know which customerNumber is for which vault. I guess that feature makes sense :-) One little other request: Could you add a option to disable the auto popup as soon a site is loaded ? greetings, False
  2. @Alexxander@oliwor@jero It seems its an issue of the saved vault of a old version, so i found a quite easy workaround. Make sure your local vault has all passwords, disable(disconnect) the sync, delete/rename the files from enpass from the nextcloud and configure the sync again. Enpass will create a new file, after that i no more have the problem. Its quite ugly that we have to do that, but it seems enpass dont tested the updates quite good.
  3. Maybe you should start debugging with the correct Version and OS.. LOL As you can see in the logs (which i send some days ago) and based on version i dont use windows. As the other one also wrote, me (and the other one) using LINUX (in my case Ubuntu 20.04), as the Linux version is not same version as the Windows versions there is maybe a different ? I tested it on mac now and i get the same error...
  4. Oh btw. its not an issue of nextcloud, i can connect to webdav using any other client.. E.g. on Ubuntu i can use the default file manager and can connect via "davs://cloud.DOMAIN/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME"
  5. The question is, if you already tested it..why was there no response that you cant reproduce the issue ? I send the demo account credentials via email (ECS-15513).
  6. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not.. I already send a E-Mail with informations which answer some questions, also in the other posts you get the most answers.... This is like... WTF I dont know if there was an update, so idk. when the error has occurred. public WebDAV (Nextcloud) no yes, enpass app for ios Alexxander already send you a login credentials =>
  7. 5 Days later, no new information... Not even a explaination what is wrong or what your team has to fix.. or atleast how long it will take... This is a no go... some of us use enpass for buisness.... As it looks like we cant trust enpass..
  8. @Pratyush Sharma You don't care about your customers ? It seems this is a old bug/issue, also we dont get any information when this will be fixed...
  9. @Garima Singh Any news ? Without that feature enpass is useless for me and i have to switch the password manager..
  10. Still not working (same issue). The sync works once, but if i try to sync a second time, it will ask for the password again.
  11. Enpass: 6.4.1 (643) OS: Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 (Tested in a VM) I have the same issues as the other ppl already described, i setup the sync with my nextcloud which works fine. But the sync dont work, if i open the settings i get the message "Synchronisierungsfehler" (German) which means "Error while sync". I also have the option to "solve" the problem, for that i have to enter my password again. If i enter my passwort i get the error "Falsches Passwort" (German) which means "Wrong Password". The password i entered is to 100% correct.
  12. I have the same issue, i enabled the logs and got some data from the request. I send the logs files to support@enpass.io (ECS-15220).
  13. Hello, i switched from android to IOS. Can i migrate my old license which i bough on android to IOS? Or i have to pay 50$ (!!) for that ? kind regards, False
  14. Hello, in some situations im on other devices and want to login on some pages. Because im using enpass to save my save passwords (length > 50) its almost impossible to know the passwords. But i sync my Enpass with my nextcloud, so i would love a nextcloud plugin which can be used as alternative to the desktop client. Greetings, False
  15. False

    Webdav SOGo

    Hello, i run sogo on my root server. Now i try to sync enpass with webdav. The login works fine but i get the error number 117. How i can solve this issue ?
  16. Update: Now i get the Error code -117 @Akash Vyas
  17. Okay i thinked about that.. I have SOGo, and there is webdav avaible... But if i enter the url, username and passwort there is only "verbinden..." (or in english "connecting...") and nothing works..
  18. Okay, nevermind so i have to switch the password manager.
  19. Hello, me, some friends and my family need a better sync... We want a sync with our server with ftp or better sftp.. Is it already possible or is it planned ? When it is not possible and not planned, WHY... Its a very good feature (and easy to implement). Greetings, False
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