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  1. On 3/28/2019 at 9:29 PM, Lovish said:

    Who said we only received promises, we also got more and more bugs, using note 9 and I have to turn on fingerprint recognition every single day, enpass is the only app that is such annoying about this thing

    I also use note 9 with oreo but I don't have this bug.

    Have you upgraded your phone to pie? I am still using oreo.

    However, I have different types of problems: I can never automatically fill successfully the credentials of an app.


  2. After the automatic upgrade, enpass on my pc doesn't sync any more showing Error 2070007.


    I am completely disappointed from enpass:

    • The last 3 months enpass doesn't work with firefox and I never had the time to make debugging for your product.
    • Now I have this new serious problem and I have to find some time to spend for debugging of your application.
    • Moreover, after the last update of the android app, the folders (that are now "tags") are not expandable at the side bar. Terrible.

  3. On 27/7/2017 at 1:49 PM, Akash Vyas said:

    Hey @phnode

    This is really strange and I am sorry for the trouble it is creating at your end! I've noted it down and our testing team will have a look at it. Meanwhile, to get rid of this issue, please follow these steps and let us know if this works for you:

    • Turn off the sync from all devices.
    • Login into Dropbox in any Browser--> Go to App--> Open Enpass Folder --> Select Sync_default.walletx file --> Rename it as oldSync_default.walletx.
    • Now open Enpass and turn on the sync on your devices and check.

    To dig in to it further, I might be having some more queries with a request to perform some troubleshooting steps with the renamed, old file. 


    Same problem here.

    I was planning to buy the pro version but after my first sync try I completely disappointed.

    Your proposed solution works but gives me an empty file.

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