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  1. You forgot to refer that it's only available in the paid version of the Windows app.
  2. Stelios

    Custom logos and templates

    After 3 years we just receive promises. Perfect.
  3. Is this feature available? I can not find it in android app. If not, it's a shame not implementing such a useful and simple feature after 3 years of requests.
  4. Stelios

    Error 207007

    After the automatic upgrade, enpass on my pc doesn't sync any more showing Error 2070007. I am completely disappointed from enpass: The last 3 months enpass doesn't work with firefox and I never had the time to make debugging for your product. Now I have this new serious problem and I have to find some time to spend for debugging of your application. Moreover, after the last update of the android app, the folders (that are now "tags") are not expandable at the side bar. Terrible.
  5. Same problem here. I was planning to buy the pro version but after my first sync try I completely disappointed. Your proposed solution works but gives me an empty file.