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  1. ? Please take a look at the screenshot in my 1st posting. It shows an URL with a LOCAL IP https://192.168 ... I have benn syncing my several devices with my iMac without Internet for about 2 years.
  2. Dear Pratyush, currently, my only problem is that I cannot make myself understood. ;-) I do not use any cloud service for WebDAV-syncing, it's all on my Mac. That given, please do read my opening post with the 2 questions again. Thanks.
  3. At the moment I don't have an open support ticket, that's why I have asked the 2 questions in general (please see my 1st post in this thread). Thanks in return. ;-)
  4. Hello, please help in 2 regards: 1) When I ask support for help with syncing problems, they always ask to „provide the WebDAV-demo account”. But the utility I use (WebDAVNav Server from 'Schimera Pty Ltd', see Pic) does not need an account anywhere, it's all on my Mac. Please clarify, what I should provide. 2) Which WebDAV software can you recommend for reliable syncing? Is the one I use (WebDAVNav Server from 'Schimera Pty Ltd') the best choice? I do not want to use any cloud, it should all be locally on my iMac (of 2019, Mojave). Thank you for recommendations. Robert
  5. Solved. I took a SuperDuper clone of my HD at home to the other town. Then, on the older iMac there, I set up „folder sync” with the „Enpass backup”-Folder on the SuperDuper clone HD. Thats all. Thanks for listening. ;-)
  6. Hello, please help in this regard: I have been using Enpass for two years, syncing via local WIFI-WebDAV (to/from my iMac): iMac, MacBook, iPhone. Works like a charm. This is all at my home location. A year ago I got myself a new iMac, transferred also the vault and moved the older iMac to another town. Now also I want to sync my current main vault (from the iPhone) with the older iMac in the other town. At the other location I of course have a differnt WIFI, therefor I would have to set up WIFI-WebDAV-syncing with the iPhone there. My concern is: When I set up WebDAV to sync between the older iMac (old vault) and the iPhone (current vault), will syncing update the older iMac with the currrent vault (what of course I want) or could I end up having the older vault (from the older iMac) on my iPhone? Asked in another way: What determines in which direction the syncing happens? I want to update the old iMac´s vault, to be like the vault on the iPhone. Not the other way round. Hoping I could explain well, thank you for input! Robert
  7. Roobert

    OS X Enpass keep syncing

    I know this issue (iMac/MBP/iPhone via WebDAV-owncloud) since a while. However the syncing does work. When I check on my other devices, the vault indeed has been synced, although the red circular motion is still going on. Eventually it stops with an error. Often, after clicking again on "sync", it performs without error.
  8. Somewhere here I read about this solution how to stop syncing and set it up correctly again: Disable all network connections Restart Computer Enable network ... I cannot remeber the exact procedure thereafter, when to set up syncing again. There was another restart involved. If you browse the entries here, you will find it. It appeared a few days ago.
  9. Right, it is an additional way besides categories. I cannot tell you more. ;-)
  10. Categories and tags. What I do: For emailaccounts I put „Acc” into the title of the entry. So when I search for „acc” I get them all, when I search for eg. „acc gmail” I get only this one. You could de-select the empty categories you dont need to be displayed and create your own structur. Not so bad, imho.
  11. There is no such thing as folders in Enpass, but as a pro user you can add your own categories. A click on a category only displays the entries that belong to it. Or use tags.
  12. When I started updating my devices to "lifetime pro 6.3" I didn´t get the registration email, using MS Outlook. But when I logged on to my provider´s webmail (gmx, POP3), there it was. Held back by gmx, so Outlook didn't receive it. If you miss the confirmation email, also check your provider's webmail spam-postbox for your account.
  13. Hello, I have recently switched to Enpass (iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone SE, iPad mini 2, all latest OSX/iOS. I sync using WebDAV, which functions correctly on the 2 Mac. But when I sync with the mobile devices, sync happens, but the display "syncing ..." does not stop. So after a minute or so I "kill" Enpass on the mobiles, restart it, and have to sync again for the actual sync to happened. Is that a bug or did I miss anything? Thx, regards Robert
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