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  1. When I started updating my devices to "lifetime pro 6.3" I didn´t get the registration email, using MS Outlook. But when I logged on to my provider´s webmail (gmx, POP3), there it was. Held back by gmx, so Outlook didn't receive it. If you miss the confirmation email, also check your provider's webmail spam-postbox for your account.
  2. Hello, I have recently switched to Enpass (iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone SE, iPad mini 2, all latest OSX/iOS. I sync using WebDAV, which functions correctly on the 2 Mac. But when I sync with the mobile devices, sync happens, but the display "syncing ..." does not stop. So after a minute or so I "kill" Enpass on the mobiles, restart it, and have to sync again for the actual sync to happened. Is that a bug or did I miss anything? Thx, regards Robert
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