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  1. 1 hour ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    Box.com sync problems & empty Sync Error messages

    Problem continues to re-occur. App beachballed again upon quit, and does so every time I quit. Screenshots attached. Process sample sent to support email.

    2022-03-25 BUG - Box Sync Error 02.png

    2022-03-25 BUG - Box Sync Error 01.png

  2. A little feedback and a couple issues...

    The new [Password History] button in Edit is confusing

    Until I read the release notes, I assumed it would reveal the history of passwords for the item I'm editing. I'd suggest renaming that button. I'm not sure what to suggest here since any wording brief enough for a button (e.g. Recent Passwords) would be just as confusing. Also, I'm not clear on what purpose this button serves, other than making it possible to use the same passwords on multiple Items — which would just trigger an "identical" alert from Password Audit.


    Box.com sync problems & empty Sync Error messages

    Several times today, upon opening Enpass, I was met by a Sync Error alert — that provided no details:


    When I opened Settings > Vaults, I saw that the problem was with Box. I tried the [Reauthenticate], which took me to Box, and I re-authorized Enpass...

    ...then a few hours later, I had the same error message, and Box was once again the problem. This time, I used [Disconnect], then connected the vault to Box again from scratch...

    ...then a few hours later, I had the same error message again. This time, I quit Enpass, and upon relaunch, the problem was resolved. I'll post a followup if the issue persists, but I thought it was worth reporting.


    • Password Audit hangs on checking passwords

    "Compromised" had been displaying its spinning "progress" GIF since I restarted Enpass to resolve the problem above. I quit, and when I did, I got the beachball cursor for 30-60 seconds before the app quit properly. When I relaunched Enpass, the Password Audit > "Compromised" was fine again. As above, even though relaunch resolved it, I thought it was worth reporting. If it happens again, I'll take provide a sample from Activity Monitor, or a log, if you tell me where to pull it from.

  3. 2 hours ago, DenalB said:

    Same with me! :)

    This is a pattern with me. My choice of podcast app is the only one with exactly the combination of features I want — but it's UI is cluttered and confusing. A couple times a year, I flirt with other apps, then go back. My desktop email app has several hard-to-find (or even exclusive) features I've come to rely on, and is 90% the best mail app I've ever used — and 10% train wreck (I can think of one bug that's at least 12 years old), and its developers are a bunch of jerks who are so afraid of feedback the only way to contact them is through at $8/incident ticketing system. I tried 30+ weather apps before finding one that does what I want. I'm still looking for the perfect note-taking app (I've tried 40+), but all of them are missing at least one feature I consider vital (e.g., has tags, but not #inline/nesting/tags#), so I'm using 4 of them for different things. I could go on...

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  4. 11 hours ago, flyingbirds said:

    But if I find Enpass with continued trouble and problems, I guess I have to move to Bitwarden finally.

    I keep thinking I might try other password managers too, but then I look at all the comparing I did before settling on Enpass in the first place, and it's the only such app that has the combination of features I need (among them: multiple, sharable vaults stored where *I* choose; custom templates & hugely customizable within each Item/entry). I wish Enpass were a bigger player (hardly ever gets mentioned in articles comparing password software), so they would have more money for better development. I know they're a small team, and I know they work hard, but yeah, Enpass is always a little frustrating, and only becoming more so with non-committal "I have forwarded this to the concerned team for further investigation" replies to bug reports. (They used to be more engaged.)

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  5. @Abhishek Dewan Sorry about leaving out the details. I figured it was the same/related bug so it would be more of an "yep, that's fixed too."

    Enpass Beta 6.7.4 (951) — macOS 11.6.1

    It happens in any and all editing/creating circumstances (you can see the gap when editing and when saved), and happens in every field (even in the "one-time key" field, which has a different font. But in the process of looking for correlations, I've discovered it happens only when the ending parentheses follows a rounded lowercase character, like b or p). So it may be bad kerning in the font used in Enpass. Having said that, this hasn't always been the case, but I don't remember when it started and I don't remember the font changing.

    Examples (see attached screenshot):

    • (Rob) has a gap between the "b" and the ")"
      • But (Robert) has no gap between "t" and ")"
    • (Cop) has the gap
      • But (Copy) does not

    Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 21.45.04 .png

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  6. In some cases, the Inline Autofill Popup displays the incorrect icon for the Item being suggested for autofill. Illustrated screenshot attached.

    This item was created in Enpass before the custom icons feature was introduced, and the icon shown in the Inline Autofill Popup is the icon I originally chose for this Item — 3 years ago. But once custom icons could be created, I copied the logo for the site and added it to the item.

    I have changed to "Use Website Icon," but I get an error saying the icon isn't available from the site (the site has no favicon).

    I have deleted and re-added the custom icon several times, but it doesn't help.

    I have created a new custom icon and applied that, but it doesn't help.

    I have created a new Item for this site, saved it first with a generic icon, then Edited the item and applied the custom icon, and the problem persists.

    I have created a new Item for this site, and added the custom icon immediately, and the problem persists.

    I haven't noticed this problem with any other Items in Enpass — even with other sites that have no Favicon of their own.

    Since it seems to be specific to this site, FYI, the site is https://www.yourwyoblue.com/home/. I've created Enpass items with nonsense logins for this site, and the problem persists, so if it's somehow site specific, it should be reproducible without having an actual account at the site.

    ENPASS favicon bug 2021-12-30 at 00.09.35 .png

  7. Thanks @Abhishek Dewan! Of course, I didn't think to look in the extension's settings in the browser. *Hangs head in embarrassment*

    Not sure how possible this is (given the recent change to how keyboard shortcuts work), but I'd prefer to control this from the app's preferences (just like I'd prefer to control keyboard shortcuts from the app's preferences) because now I have to separately change this setting in literally dozens of browser profiles across 5 different browsers.

    I realize that's probably not a problem most people will face, but even power-users who stick to one browser might have multiple profiles.


  8. Hi folks,

    How do I turn off the new autofill pop-up? It covers up important content related to entering login information on many sites, it's difficult to get rid of (ESC doesn't work), it is (sometimes?!?) full of icons that don't tell you what they do when moused over, and it's entirely unnecessary because I use keystrokes to autofill. (Frankly, one of the many reasons I chose Enpass over bigger-name password managers was that it didn't have this obnoxious "feature.")

    I can't find anything in Preferences for getting rid of it.

  9. 18 hours ago, Manish Chokwal said:

    Hello @100 Watt Walrus,

    Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue. I have shared it with the concerned team for further investigation. Your patience is highly appreciated here. 

    To get update notifications, make sure the option 'Beta Updates' is enabled from Enpass Advanced Settings. 


    "Beta Updates" is enabled.

    Do you want an Activity Monitor sample or a log for the search-fail problem? When might I expect to hear back?

    Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 17.12.26 .png

  10. Just helped set up a new M1 MBA running macOS 12.0.1, and Enpass 6.7.4 (from the Mac App Store) is malfunctioning. Every search, no matter what, results in "No Matches Found."

    Vault is synced. Every item is there. Searching in "All Items."

    Have quit/relaunched. Have rebooted.

    This is not happening on my own M1 MBA, running Enpass 6.7.2 beta or after updating to 6.7.4 (951). (Side note: Why am I not getting notifications of updates in the beta?)


  11. 1 hour ago, jeetdoh said:

    Are you kidding me? You're trying to defend developers changing the PRIMARY WAY people trigger their application every day, multiple times per day, with zero notice and then not allowing people to set the actual setting back to our preferred method of triggering the application again with zero notice and then responding to user's justifiable anger with "it's a new feature, and not a bug"? And that's ok?!?! You're really trying to defend that? Are you 5?

    In no way did I defend the change. I pointed out it wasn't a bug. I said I understood why they made the change (which is not defending the decision, just acknowledging the reason they did it), and I very much criticized their handling of the rollout (suggesting how it could have been handled better), and I criticized their tone-deaf handling of the backlash (in the very next post after your criticism of the same). What I didn't do was make any personal attacks by saying things like "I couldn't possibly give less of a shit," and "wacko leftist crap," and "are you 5?" — none of which have anything to address the actual problem at hand.

    For the sake everyone else here — and the actual subject of this thread — I'm done with this conversation.

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  12. 10 hours ago, RackDaddy said:

    That meme does not apply here.  Saying "it's not a bug, it's a feature" is when software developers UNINTENTIONALLY create a error in the software, and try to pass it off as a new feature.

    My point about that phrase was that saying "it's not a bug, it's a feature" sincerely indicates that a) the developers aren't understanding the problem, b) the developers aren't taking users' concerns seriously, and c) the developers are apparently unaware of the history of that phrase and how dismissive it reads.

    But the bigger problem remains that the developers didn't bother to explain this change at all. They apparently just expected users to discover their keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore, and then expected users to find their way to the shortcut settings, then set up their own new shortcuts. (Perhaps an easy matter for developers and techies, but not for the average Joe Websurfer.)

    It would have been a simple matter — and 1000% more user-friendly — to include a sentence on the "Enpass browser extension has been updated" tab that reads, "To make Enpass more compatible with the way most browsers handle keyboard shortcuts, users need to create their own new keyboard shortcuts for displaying Enpass and autofilling account information for this updated Enpass extension. Click here to create your Enpass shortcuts." With the "click" sentence linking to the browser's settings/shortcuts page.

    The fact that Enpass did not do this has led to all this confusion, and the assumption by users that this "feature" is a bug. How Enpass couldn't not have seen this coming is hard to imagine. What did they think would happen when, without explanation, an update broke a common keyboard shortcut?

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  13. 16 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:

    We understand there'll be a little inconvenience in setting new shortcuts and getting accustomed to them, but for a better autofill experience using keyboard shortcuts, Enpass extension lets the browser control the keyboard shortcuts natively. It also makes sure our extensions work seamlessly in long term with the respective browsers and don't interfere with their default shortcuts.


    If Enpass understands this, why was it not explained to users when the change was made? Why are users left to discover this on their own when their muscle-memory keyboard shortcut no longer works? And it can't be a "better autofill experience" if it doesn't work the same across all browsers.

    The improvement I'd prefer to see is for the autofill to work more reliably. At least 1/3 of the time, it doesn't work at all, even on sites it did work on moments before.

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  14. 47 minutes ago, dtjm said:

    Can we just have Enpass acknowledge this is a bug and let us know when it will be fixed? Thanks.

    This isn't a bug, though. As mentioned above, by allowing users to choose their own keyboard shortcuts (which I very much appreciate), Enpass can no longer have CMD+/ as an option — at least in Chromium-based browsers, where it's not possible to use CMD+/ as the keystroke for any extension.

    As Mac users (I'm assuming), we've been forced to adapt to CMD+CTRL+A for aliases after decades of CMD+L, and we're getting used to SPACE replacing CMD+DEL for "Revert Changes," which in turn replaced the infinitely more user-friendly, self-explanatory CMD+D for "Don't Save," that worked perfectly well for over 35 years.

    At least with this change, we can choose our own keystrokes to replace the one we've been used to.

    To me, anyway, the problem here isn't the keyboard shortcut change, it's the fact that this change (among others) was not even mentioned in the information about this update to the extension. Being this clumsy with the roll-out a major change to functionality like this is a great way to lose customers.

  15. It's always driven me crazy that it wasn't possible to set your own shortcut, but now that I'm used to ⌘+/, the fact that I now can set my own, but I can't set it to the keystroke I want is worse than before.

    Ultimately, I can get used to a new keyboard shortcut, and Enpass is hardly the first software developer to change key shorties that are so engrained they've become muscle-memory for users. In recent years, Apple has changed the shortcut for creating an alias, and Microsoft has changed several shortcuts in Office products, and in some cases flat-out removed keyboard shortcuts.

    But this rollout was very poorly handled. It's bad enough that a tab announcing the update was spontaneously and confusingly generated and foregrounded, even if you're in the middle of, say, watching a YouTube video (happened to me today), but it's worse that this spontaneous tab is sorely lacking in the kind of information users actually need for an update like this:

    1) The animation shows Enpass being integrated into user/pass fields, implying that's the major change to the new extension, but that's not the default behavior — or at least, I'm not seeing that on any of my browsers (which is just fine with me because I hate extensions that alter page content).

    2) The "Set Enpass as default password manager" checkbox has no explanation, and no instructions for setting it later if the user choses to not set it in that spontaneous Enpass tab (I, for one, can't figure that out). Is this what turns on the Enpass icon in the user/pass fields? If so, why is this not explained in any way?

    3) The fact that the keyboard shortcut has changed is not mentioned at all, leading many people (the vast majority of whom aren't part of this forum) to lose functionality and not know how to get it back.

    4) The fact that users can now set their own keyboard shortcut is not mentioned either.

    5) Nor is it mentioned that users cannot set choose as their keyboard shortcut the same shortcut they've grown used to.

    • Nor is it explained why that's the case.

    6) It's not explained at all that Activate the Extension and Autofill are now separate keyboard shortcuts (which, BTW, makes Enpass a lot less convenient, but hopefully it will also fix the frequent problem of Autofill just not working at all).

    7) It's also not explained that there suddenly is no default keystroke for Autofill, meaning if you're like me, you have to go set your own keystroke in dozens of browser profiles and browsers if you want Autofill to work.

    NONE of this information was provided to users.

    I'm friends-and-family tech support for lots of older users, many of whom have a tenuous understanding of computers in general, but I've gotten them all to use Enpass for their passwords. I've been fielding endless questions in the last couple days because of how badly botched this roll-out has been. If even I'm confused — a UI/UX/QA professional — you've done something wrong.

    Even worse, I've just discovered that while the extension has been updated to remove ⌘+/ as the default activation keystroke, the Enpass app's own Preferences still say this is the default keystroke:


    And I keep editing this post as I find further problems and confusion:

    • In Safari, Enpass still defaults to ⌘+/ for both Autofill and activating the extension, so now users have to memorize different keystrokes for a) activate/autofill in Safari, plus b) activate in other browsers, and c) autofill in other browsers — this is also not explained in the spontaneous extension-update tab.

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