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  1. I'm using a hosted provider (SpryServers.net) so unfortunately no I can't access the logs. But going under the impression the webdav server has issues, I deleted the enpass files there without disconnecting the enpass clients. Then clicked sync and it worked (both windows & android). So perhaps the file is being corrupted on transfer and then breaking sync or a problem with the storage on the hosting provider?
  2. I have 5 devices that sync via WebDAV. 2 android running Enpass Beta and 3 windows 10 clients. Since the upgrade to 6.1.0 I get: Sync Error, please check your internet connection or try again later on all devices. 1. Temporary workaround I found was to disconnect all the clients. 2. Remove data from WebDAV 3. re-connect clients 1 at a time, synchronizing all connected clients after each is connected. ie connect client 1, sync, connect client 2 then sync client 2 then 1, connect client 3 then sync client 3 then 2 then 1. 2 days later it is happening again. Which leads me to believe either the windows 10 client or android beta client has issues with WebDAV sync and it is causing the rest not to work. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I tried the non-store version and it does not allow purchase to premium. So it seems store required for premium features.
  4. @jakister Version 6 was released today. No need to use beta.
  5. Hey. A few months have passed, so wanted to follow if this feature is released or when/version it is planned for? A Number of people I manage don't use the categories, but do use folders and not seeing items not in a folder is a limiting factor in getting them to switch from existing p.m. to enpass.
  6. Roboform attaches a "toolbar" to every window (including popups) and then matching can be done. Just trying to give ideas as that might be easy to implement.
  7. Uninstalled/re-installed and been using Enpass for about a week now. And I noticed a few website aren't recognized by the enpass extension when I log in. (Doesn't offer to save the login at all). I've attached a few I found. Perhaps this can help to find why it's not happening. https://login20.monster.ca/Login/SignIn http://www.hvgallasborze.hu/hu/belepes https://www.antikvarium.hu/ant/dologin.php https://www.netrisk.hu/szemelyes-online-fax.html https://sso.ncl.com/secureauth29/consumer/login.html?SAMLRequest=jZFPb8IwDMW%2FSpR7%2Bh%2BURrSIbUJDYloFZYfd0tRApTZhcQp8%2FFWwapymHS0%2F2%2B%2F9PJtfu5acwWJjdEZDL6AEtDJ1ow8Z3ZVLxuk8n6Hs2pNY9O6oN%2FDVAzoyzGkUt0ZGe6uFkdig0LIDFE6J7eJtLSIvECdrnFGmpWSBCNYNh56Nxr4DuwV7bhTsNuuMHp07ofD9y%2BXiadV6ynQ%2BHo2Fq9%2BaQ6MpWRqr4OYho3vZIlCyesloFUlexXHCkiCNWVLzCatq2LNaqj2PgEc8HUKtsJCIzRl%2BZxF7WGl0UruMRkE4ZUHKwqgMEzGZijj0OE8%2FKSl%2B%2FD81%2Bk7lr7DVXYTitSwLVrxvS0o%2BRrqDgI4sb9ft%2FynKkR3NR1KIZiQ18x%2B35mP5%2BLD8Gw%3D%3D https://gate.gov.hu/sso/ap/ApServlet?partnerid=mohu&target=https://ugyfelkapu.magyarorszag.hu/szolgaltatasok/tarhely/beerkezett
  8. I'm currently trying to make the transition from another password manager, and let me start by saying I really like Enpass and keep up the good work! On that note, there are a few things that to me feel missing from Enpass that could really be useful and probably very easy to implement. The main one is form filling without submitting. When clicking on the Enpass icon (in browser), a list of matching sites is provided....This is great. But if you select a login, it goes to the site, fills in and submits. It would be great to have the option to right click a bring up a few options. (I'll list a few that I would love to see) 1. "Go & Fill" 2. "Fill" 3. "Open in Enpass" -> open enpass and select this login for editing. On that note, I should also say, that to open Enpass from the browser extension requires clicking the extension, the arrow at the bottom, then show enpass. Just my 2 cents but in the week I've been using enpass extension, there have been a few times where I had to go to the main app. It would be great to not have so many clicks. Perhaps having the "Show enpass" as a right click for the extension's icon, or displaying the extension having an extra icon beside the password generator/lock. Thanks for the consideration!
  9. Trying to log into the following site: https://ecareets.opuc.on.ca/myDSM/login.asp The username is split into two boxes. In chrome, after entering all info, pressing login, the extension does not prompt to save the information. (I've noticed this on a few sites, but forgot to note the other ones) In Firefox, enpass prompts to save, however it only saves the second part of the "username" and in this case there are two boxes for the account. I tried manually addingthe record to field_account & field_occupant to my login, it didn't help.
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