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  1. On the Windows app, adding dates to date fields is harder than it has to be - providing a date picker would be far easier than typing Enpass' recognized date format, which is non-standard to North Americans (we use MM/DD/YYYY, not DD/MM/YYYY)
  2. Hi, I second this request. Specifically: Android mobile app: need a tag picker. Currently, users have to type in an exact tag. If you misspell, a duplicate tag gets created. I usually forget exactly what I called a tag (e.g. did I call it "Design & Development" or "Development & Design"?) Windows app: need a tag picker. Currently, there is an auto-suggest as you type, but it would be easier to just select from a list of existing tags (and ability to type a few characters to narrow that list)
  3. Congrats on the public release of version 6! It is fantastic so far, except for one flaw: Windows Hello login is not an option when starting the program (only for unlocking when Enpass is already running)... why not? Will this be fixed? My goal is to never have to type my master password ever. @Anshu kumar
  4. @Anshu kumar do you know if there is a solution to the above question?
  5. Is there a way for me to see all of my entries that have not been added to a folder? My purpose here is to find entries that I have forgotten to categorize to a folder. If not, it would be great if there was either 1) a "None" folder that an entry is in by default until it gets added to a folder (LastPass has this) or 2) a smarter search query that could allow you to search for folder = null
  6. Thanks @Anshu kumar. Once Enpass 6 is ready, how will Enpass 5 users update? Will we need to download Enpass 6 and then manually import our data from Enpass 5? Will details like custom fields, folders, and file attachments carry over from v.5 to v.6?
  7. Hi @Anshu kumar , any estimate on when Enpass version 6 will be out of Beta and widely available in the Windows App Store? I like what I see in Enpass 6 so far, but I'm hesitant to move all my data over and abandon Enpass version 5.6.19 in case there are problems. For example, I would be in trouble if I started adding new passwords + data to version 6, but then somehow my backup files became corrupt or unshareable with version 5. Thanks in advance!
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