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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma and sorry for late answer.


    Some of the websites (most are financial services like banks) use masked password entry on login. It means you have to enter only some of the password signs, e.g. first, third and the last.

    If you password is 12345qwerty (hope it's not ;) ) and you get this input:


    then you have to enter: 1,2,4 and y.


    Which password sign you need to enter is randomize by the bank on each login.


    Supporting this by Enpass means recognize which fields need to be filled with corresponding sign from stored password and autofill.


    I hope it's now more clear to you.

  2. Here is everything one more time:

    1. No installation routine

    2. No deinstallation routine of Enpass 5

    3. No upgrade routine from Enpass 5

    4. Sync setup doesn't work. Protocol assocation error "enpassauth:"

    5. When Enpass is closed and try to open Browser Extension, comes assocation error with protocol "enpassstart:"

    6. Adding new login doesn't work.


    I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 (17134.407)

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  3. In my case it didn't uninstall enpass 5, also didn't make an upgrade.I import old data manualy.

    Also, as far I can say it is not really installed in the system.

    Now I can't sync with any cloud because of the problem with protocols association.

    I authorize Enpass in my cloud (Onedrive, Google Drive) but Enpass become no answer from browser.

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