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  1. Just to be sure, I changed my vault's passwords after succesfully logging in to Enpass. Exited and re-opened Enpass to check if everything was okay now. Unfortunately, I do not have any access to my vault now anymore at all. Cannot reproduce method above either.
  2. Hi Enpass team, Just encountered a small heart attack: the main Enpass 6.1.0 (407) GUI stated that I was entering a wrong password to unlock my vault (obviously tripple-checking all variables). While I was sure this was the correct password, the main GUI kept me locked out. Fortunately, when logging into a website the Enpass Helper also asked for password authentication to unlock the vault, and entering the exact same password as in the Main GUI (copy/paste), it did succesfully unlock. Kind regards, Rowan
  3. It would be amazing if we could have a 'New Item' button in the Autofill and/or Safari Extension view that would allow us to generate a new item and have it added to the vault on-the-spot. The most useful application of this button is when a user signs up for a new service, and does not have credentials available yet - but rather has to newly generate one for the service they are about to sign up for.
  4. @Anshu kumar is it a known issue that the Enpass Extenion for Safari in macOS Mojave "works" with autofill through the built-in 'CMD + /' shortcut, but then fails to enforce the "Autofill details without showing Enpass Assistant" setting (as the Assistant-window always pops up)?
  5. @ChaosNo1 have you spent a single second looking at and testing the free version of Enpass 6? attachments ARE still free. Paying only gets you custom categories and custom templates. Yes, they made an impopular decision on Touch ID. Other (new) features are (still) free. if the Touch ID part is so important for you, why not just spend 6 dollars and provide the Enpass team some reward for their efforts. I mean, what is 6 dollars.. really.
  6. I think that if I were part of the Enpass team, and we had been building this application for over a year now and we have 95-100% feature support on all platforms, I would also decide to launch to the public. The team has decided that they'd rather provide the world with a ~95% version on all platforms than to wait another month or more before shipping a 100% version, and I am glad they did. I don't mind not having favicons right now but getting them in the near future. I don't agree. Enpass 6 (in my case; for macOS and iOS) is still very usable in the 100% free version and has the very same features as Enpass 5 did. The only difference being that 'Unlock with Touch ID' used to be free on Enpass 5 for Mac and is now a paid feature in Enpass 6 for Mac. I can argue that this might not have been the best idea, but still: SOME of the new features are a paid upgrade. If we're strictly talking features here, and not improvements: Sync with Cloud: free on macOS both in v5 and v6; paid upgrade for iOS in v5 and still paid in v6, so this hasn't changed. Multi-Vault: non-existent in v5 on any platform; free, new feature on v6. Attachments: non-existent in v5 on any platform; free, new feature on v6. Keyfile protection: non-existent in v5 on any platform; free, new feature on v6. Secure sharing: non-existent in v5 on any platform; free, new feature on v6. Trash and archive: non-existent in v5 on any platform; free, new feature on v6. Have I Been Pwned: non-existent in v5 on any platform; free, new feature on v6. Custom categories: non-existent in v5 on any platform; paid, new feature on v6. Custom templates: non-existent in v5 on any platform; paid, new feature on v6. I can relate to your experience stating that not all UX elements are really feeling native to macOS. I'll admit that I hope this will improve in the future, but it still very workable for me right now nonetheless. This means that the free package comes at no cost whatsoever, whilst purchasing the premium package will grant you lifetime availability to the premium features with all versions of Enpass to come. I think this is because Windows and macOS both have an App Store ecosystem that allows developers to offer premium features at a price, whilst Linux does not. Because not all versions of Linux have an App Store but rather have the built-in package managers (without support for premium features), Enpass is likely to have decided to grant Linux the features for free.
  7. @Caliguvara Enpass 5 for Mac has always been 100% free (free download, no in-app purchases) as far as I know. The only paid upgrade I know of was for Enpass 5 for mobile platforms in order to get >20 items in your vault. As Enpass 6 for macOS is an in-place upgrade for the Enpass 5 for macOS application, it is provided as an update if you’ve already downloaded Enpass 5 for macOS in the past. Favicons will be (re-)added in the near future, Dark Mode is available in free version of macOS. All features that were available in Enpass 5 for macOS are still free in Enpass 5 for macOS 6 (except for Unlock with Touch ID). The in-app purchase will grant you access to the aforementioned Touch ID, Custom Categories and Custom Templates.
  8. @Caliguvara - There is nothing to ‘buy’ from the Mac App Store. It’s a free download. - Pro features are a paid upgrade for a few new features in Enpass 6 compared to Enpass 5. There is nothing to restore if you have not paid for this upgrade yet. iOS purchases are not eligible on macOS.
  9. Likely, you will have three or four Enpass applications on your Mac at the moment: 'Enpass 5 GA' (might have been replaced by Enpass 6 GA non-App Store-version tho') 'Enpass 6 Beta' 'Enpass 6 GA' (non-App Store-version) 'Enpass 6 GA' (App Store-version) Your data in Enpass 6 GA (App Store-version) is likely using the 'Enpass 6 Beta'-vault, which was the first to adopt the new vault scheme. If your most up-to-date vault is currently on a cloud platform, it's safe to remove all Enpass apps and only download the App Store-version. You can then restore your most recent vault into the Enpass application. Separate installs of non-App Store-apps and App Store-apps is common in macOS, as well as having an Application.localized folder when multiple apps with the same name are found. EDIT: I can't stress this enough, but make sure to have backups of your vault(s) in non-Enpass folders.. just for safety.
  10. You could create a separate vault in Enpass 6 (free), or create a custom category (in-app purchase).
  11. Dear @Vinod Kumar I just now came across that nifty little icon in the search bar, thank you for pointing me towards the related guide. I must've guessed that it would be the same as in Enpass 5, but also liking this design!
  12. Dear @Vinod Kumar Ahh perfect, thank you very much! You might want to edit the documentation to reflect that, that's useful information.
  13. Despite other comments, the upgrade from Enpass 6's latest beta on both iOS and macOS went very smooth for me: - on iOS, I simply downloaded the App Store version again (which automatically renders the TestFlight version uninstalled) and all data was instantly available as it was before - on macOS, I've removed the Beta application in /Applications with AppCleaner and downloaded the App Store version. After restoring data from WebDAV, I was good to go. As with anything, make sure to have backups of your vault before attempting any upgrade.. which should really go without say. In my case I did not need them, but it's a good best practice to do so anyway for your own safety. - On @dbrewood's comment of having old vault data: this happened to me when going from one beta to another once, but did not occur to me when going from the latest beta to the GA build. - @Xin have you verified your browser extension with the main application yet? This might fix the prompt from disappearing. I've also had a few crashes on macOS (e.g. whilst testing the 'Have I Been Pwned' feature) but like you said, it'll help the Enpass team if you send the crash reports over. - @kwitchibo try right-clicking a field within an item in your vault to get the full history of that item. Enpass 6 now does history on all fields, not just the password field. - @ChaosNo1 unlike your experiences: my (WebDAV) sync, (macOS) pro upgrade and Safari/Chrome/Firefox browser extensions (except for Safari's keyboard shortcut) are working fine on macOS. Safari on iOS also works great for me, even with autofill. I'm really loving all new Enpass 6 features and did not hesitate for a second to spend a few extra euros on the (now new) paid macOS upgrade for the extra features. Thank you very much for your efforts, Enpass team, for making the most awesome password management tool even better.
  14. In Enpass 6 for macOS, when having 'Search in All Items' enabled; searches only return results where the search term is available in the title; not in any other fields.
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