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  1. When will this issue be resolved? I have this issue now the 3rd time in 2 months :|.
  2. Indeed, what is the status here? @Vinod Kumar What is the ETA on a fix for this? How come it doesn't work in the first place? It's the only app that I've encountered that doesn't work in DeX. Is this done deliberately ?
  3. I thought so too, until I complete reset Edge in the last build and suddenly I couldn't properly install and use any extension anymore.
  4. I'm going to be blunt here, but that is just retarded. We payed for it on the other platforms, which uses forced updates. Nobody is talking about being forced to pay for anything, not sure why you keep bringing that up. I'm not putting too much weight to this entire issue as I wouldn't care less about the pro features at this moment, I just find it a pity that paying customers would have to pay again on the same platform. I know the backend implementation is entirely different this time around, but that's was a choice Enpass made, not the customers.
  5. no, you cannot uninstall V6 and continue using V5. The windows store only offers 1 version -> v6 The mobile stores only offer 1 version -> v6 The extensions only work with 1 version -> v6 So uninstalling it is useless suggestion...
  6. The reason why this a moot point, is that your mobile apps are forcefully updated to V6, forcing your desktop apps to follow in order to retain syncing.
  7. I'm starting to suspect the issue may be caused by running WIndows Insider builds. I've reverted my tablet to the production release of Windows 10 1809, and there the externsion seems to be working fine. The thing is, at this time, the Enpass extension is the only one exhibiting this behavior.
  8. Since we are not idiots, we already checked that. And no, that is not the problem at all. As stated before, Edge doesn't list the extension in its extensions listing.
  9. How is this any different from installing it directly from the store (which is what we do). I followed these instructions and they don't help at all. The store and OS still think it's installed, but Edge doesn't list it, the icons doesn't appear in Edge and it doesn't work. This topic is about the Edge extension, please keep you reply on-topic , or start your own thread please.
  10. The icon doesn't show and it's also not listing in Edge's extenion list. Windows and the store do report it as installed though. The store description is already showing V6 of the extension for me, but maybe it's an outdated version? I have version installed.
  11. ^ this. But they must somehow be able to allow existing customers to keep their 'pro' status. It's their choice to change from UWP to classic Win32 desktop. I've no intention to buy it a third time (UWP, Android and Win32).
  12. I'm already surprised that it shows the extension in Edge for you. For me, the extension doesn't even show up in the UI (and it doesn't work either).
  13. I have the exact same issue. I don't know about you, but I am running Windows 10 Insider builds (currently at 18305.1003). Maybe it matters.
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