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  1. According to their support (on Twitter) it'll revert back to your your Pro license.
  2. Not entirely correct. After contacting support, they did offer a 40% discount to the lifetime Enterprise license. For me, the feature differences is too small to justify that cost at this time. I did choose to opt for the highly discounted subscription for one year to see how things evolve. If nothing noteworthy is there for Premium compared to Pro after that period, I'll just fall back to my Pro lifetime license and reevaluate the situation at that time.
  3. Im a developer too, and it well may be that the database stores performed transactions, call it an audit trail if you will. So deleting passwords also creates data. This is why I'm a bit wondering why you are so concerned about 'size'. It's for me a rather meaningless metric if it works as expected and poses no hindrance.
  4. I'm a bit confused why vault size is so important for you? I never had any issues with it or even noticed anything about it.
  5. Just tried it by reinstalling on Android and indeed it automatically displays Enpass Pro - All Access (lifetime). On Windows however I purchased the UWP version, which has since been discontinued. How does Pro activation happen there now? Seems like it can only be activated now by using registered email address.
  6. Hi @Garima Singh I well understand the nature of Enpass's password storage mechanism (it's one of the reasons I prefer it over some competitors). I do worry a bit about activation issues in case Enpass servers cease to be available (for whichever reason) at some point. You mention an App Store receipt, but as far as I can see the App Store versions can't be purchased anymore and in-app activation is needed. As I said, in the past you indeed could purchase the App in the store and no further activation was required, I purchased it on 3 different platforms before all was migrated to Enpass controlled license activation. And when installing today on an Android device, I have to activate it manually by using my registered email address. Can you please elaborate how Enpass can be purchased in, for example, the Play Store, or how activation would work using an App Store receipt?
  7. That's frustration talking, not fact. You were perfectly happy to use Enpass a few months ago with exactly the same features as you have today, before this Premium issue. Don't get me wrong, I understand your frustrations but it doesn't mean Enpass suddenly became a bad product. It still offers good features and has a place in the market. So your comments are a bit unfair I think. This doesn't change of course that I'm also a bit miffed, but as long as nothing significant changes are done to pro users, I'm not as malcontent as some others.
  8. I agree, and that's also what I told support that the feature differences is not worth almost 43,- as it stands today and that I'm willing to pay 20,- at most to upgrade from pro to premium lifetime (not expecting anything from it, but giving feedback can only help I suppose :).
  9. I checked with Enpass on Twitter regarding discounts for existing Pro lifetime license holders. A very friendly support person from Enpass provided a 40% discount on a premium lifetime license because I already have a lifetime Pro license. Still a little steep for the difference in features compared to 'Pro', but just so that you know. I don't blame the support person, (s)he was quite friendly and helpfull (to the extend he can offer assitance in this case).
  10. Hi Enpass, I was wondering, what happens when Enpass servers are no longer reachable for whichever reason (firewall issues, Enpass stops existing, etc...). If I'm not mistaken, in the 'early' days, you purchased the app, and there was no Enpass server involved with activation, since purchasing the app was all there was to it. In theory, this meant that in 20 years from now, the application would still be fully operational, even if Enpass as a company no longer would exist (as long as the sync api's to the vaults themselves don't break). With the current 'activation' approach, this no longer holds true. If the activation servers are no longer operational, there is no way to activate the application. What is the contingency for this? Would it be possible to store activation, license information in the vaults themselves, which would allow the application to activate, even when there are no Enpass servers.
  11. When will this issue be resolved? I have this issue now the 3rd time in 2 months :|.
  12. Indeed, what is the status here? @Vinod Kumar What is the ETA on a fix for this? How come it doesn't work in the first place? It's the only app that I've encountered that doesn't work in DeX. Is this done deliberately ?
  13. I thought so too, until I complete reset Edge in the last build and suddenly I couldn't properly install and use any extension anymore.
  14. I'm going to be blunt here, but that is just retarded. We payed for it on the other platforms, which uses forced updates. Nobody is talking about being forced to pay for anything, not sure why you keep bringing that up. I'm not putting too much weight to this entire issue as I wouldn't care less about the pro features at this moment, I just find it a pity that paying customers would have to pay again on the same platform. I know the backend implementation is entirely different this time around, but that's was a choice Enpass made, not the customers.
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