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  1. I don't think it's nonsense. They have broken our trust. They changed the rules on us. They sold us "lifetime licenses", and then asked us to pay to a PRO version again. The new version forces us to use Microsoft Store. It all seems like a greedy cash-grab. I have not seen any apologies or any gesture to restore trust with their loyal customers. I just installed Bitwarden. You can export from Enpass, and import into Bitwarden, which looks almost exactly like Enpass, by the way, except that it's open source. It has similar features, as far as I can tell.
  2. Nobody was warned that their "lifetime license" would expire when they upgraded to version 6. I was just told that there was a new version, so I updated. You can't give customers "lifetime licenses" and then make them buy your software again. If you don't fix this problem, you will risk sinking your company. Your ratings will drop to nothing, and bad reviews will show up everywhere. You don't have much time.
  3. Hey Enpass guys, You really should respond to this thread. This is obviously happening to a lot of customers who all have "lifetime licenses". This is the kind of bad PR that could sink your company. You had better have a great solution for us, or people will think this new version is just a desperate cash grab. If we do need to purchase your software again, as you have promised we wouldn't, do we have easy access to roll the version back to 5? I don't see that as an option anywhere.
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