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  1. That's disappointing I also wonder what happens if the server blocks the favicon for whatever reason, can we still manually select a generic icon or choose from the default Enpass icons? Some sort of indicator of how many website icons are loaded out of how many entries would be good including a manual sync of the favicons otherwise we dont know how often or when Enpass checks of ricons and newer versions of the icons, if any. Whilst a highly requested feature, it is not a very well explained feature at all. If Enpass will connect to try 300 website icons on every startup or e
  2. A good company would have not monetized so much WITHOUT asking for their users' opinions first. You strive on security yet you are starting to make all users feel insecure.
  3. Enpass has failed. I paid for the software on BlackBerry 10. Enpass deceived me to pay again for BlackBerry Android blaming it on different appstores, although both ecosystems as far as I was concerned was Blackberry. Time moved on and I got over it as the power of Enpass was very convenient. Who's idea was it to change the icon? Icons should be bold and clear, why the weird shape of a keyhole. Do you even realise how crap, unprofessional and SMALL it looks in the windows system tray??!! I rely on my desktop a lot and use the mobile apps of enpass for viewing rather
  4. Folders made more sense and made me think Enpass was for professional users. Tags are just social but social is not welcome in a security environment. Kind of losing confidence in this software.
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