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  1. Hello Enpass team! I am currently setting custom logos for all my entries. Doing that I encountered the issue that I cannot select logo files with ".jpeg" extension from finder/explorer. This happens on both - MacOS and Linux. I have to rename the files to end with ".jpg" to be able to select it. It would be great if Enpass would automatically also detect ".jpeg" files. Thank you!
  2. Hello Enpass Team, using the newest version of Enpass (6.1.1) on my Mac with MacOS High Sierra it sometimes happens that while I am scrolling down the list of entries the list automatically scrolls back up to the first entry. This is kind of annoying. I did not see that behaviour before (maybe it was there before but I did not notice that much). It would be great to have this fixed. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I think being able to sync multiple vaults with one cloud would be a big benefit! I love the idea of multiple vaults in Enpass, but having to use different clouds is a bit of a pain - I would like to have them all in one place. Could you please add support of multiple vaults for the same cloud? Thanks!
  4. Thank you very much! Did not know about that feature yet You were right, there was another password field with weak pw. After removing it it is now listed correctly!
  5. Hello, I am having a small issue with an entry in my Enpass wallet. I recently changed weak password for several accounts. Usually this was working fine, but one entry is still listed in the very bad section although the password is marked excellent in the detail view of the item (see screenshot). I tried modifying the password again, but it remains in this section. After sync it is also displayed in the wrong section in Enpass Android app. BR
  6. Even bigger issue: after a couple of added elements I cannot select a new entry at all using autofill, only the already added ones...Enpass became pretty much unusable on Android!! Please fix this!
  7. +1 Please add a portable version of Enpass 6!
  8. Hi, small issue, but UI on iPad 4 looks weird. The "Edit" overlaps battery indicator and the 2 blue bars (left and middle) are shifted (see attached image). Maybe you can fix this in future releases
  9. Thanks a lot for your fast reply! I do understand the issue - however some "Autofill only" feature like in Enpass 5 would be great. So being able to fill forms without modifying the entries if no match was detected.
  10. Hi, since Enpass 6 Update on Android I encounter some issues using autofill based on notifications with my browser (Bromite). Whenever I want to use Enpass in the browser by tapping the notification that pops up when a login form appears, Bromite is added to autofill information for the specific entry. This is nonsense - as it now appears on every entry. Please rework the autofill like in Enpass 5, so that I am able to select if the App should be added to autofill information or not. I am using Enpass on LG G6 (Android Oreo). Thanks!
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