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  1. I appreciate your explanations, but you missed the obvious solution to many of the issues: *user selection*. Ok, some users "had concerns" with cloud file placement? Add a user selection, so we can move the file to the folder of our choice. And for the love of all that is holy, why did you not simply add a compatibility mode to allow V6 users to continue using the former file format? I get it- the old format is "less secure". You know what? I DON'T CARE. I'd rather have a little less security and be able to use all of my devices than better security and only be able to use some of them. Now I can't use Enpass on my Windows Phones, so about half of my devices can no longer access my password management system. A compatibility mode would have let me use both V5 and V6 on my devices interchangeably until I phased out the older devices. When MS Office switched formats in 2007, they left users with the ability to read and write both old or new formats TO THIS DAY, 12 years later, because they understand format changes aren't something you do overnight. If you left a "V5 compatibility mode", half of the complaints here would disappear- desktop users could retain V5 and it's better UI/feature set, and those of us stuck with both versions could manage.
  2. I'd really like to see a right-click cut/copy/paste menu in desktop Windows V6. I can kludge it with keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-V, etc.) but someone was asleep at the wheel there. Also, the search function in desktop V6 doesn't search within an entry- it only searches titles, meaning the mobile apps actually have more functionality. Lastly, for those of us with Windows Mobile devices now stuck on v5.x forever, I really wish the V6 updates warned us that V6 and V5 were incompatible. I only discovered that after updating a half dozen Android and iOS devices that are difficult to roll back. Now I can no longer use Enpass on my Windows Mobile devices, and because of this, I'm contemplating switching to a different password manager unless you introduce a legacy compatibility mode that allows V6 to read/write V5 wallets. I really, really regret the V6 upgrade, and would have set up all of my devices *not* to autoupdate if I had known.
  3. No, they do not. Windows Phone is abandoned with the last UWP app version (5.5.7). Since the new V6 no longer syncs with V5.x, you are forced to either stop using Enpass on Windows Phone, or do not upgrade any of your other devices to V6.
  4. I'm hoping Enpass will come to their senses and offer a backwards compatibility option and let V6 use V5 databases. Unfortunately, there's no financial incentive for them to do it. Since Enpass is a one time purchase (vs. a subscription model), legacy users like us can't hurt them by leaving. Enpass already has my money for Windows UWP and Android, so "fix this or I'm not using your app anymore" is no threat to them, like it would be if I was threatening not to renew a subscription. So, I guess we inadvertently discovered an inherent flaw for consumers in the buy-once vs. the subscription model...
  5. There seems to be no cut/copy/paste menu when you right click, but since it's a Windows app, you can fall back on the keyboard shortcuts Windows (and MS-DOS!) users have used for 30 years. CTRL-C copies, CTRL-X cuts, and CTRL-V pastes. So, we can add "forgot right click menus" to "broke sync compatibility with Enpass 5.x" in the pile of reasons NOT to "upgrade" to V6...
  6. Will there be any way to get V6 to sync with V5? In addition to my desktops, Androids and iOS devices, I also have Windows Mobile devices now orphaned at v5.6.x which now no longer sync with my other devices I've updated to V6. If there's no way to sync V5 devices with V6 devices, I need to rollback all of my devices to V5, or find another password manager. Maybe a "V5 compatibility mode" option in V6? Or some kind of "Bridge" plugin that will sync between a V5 and V6 installation if both are installed on the same PC?
  7. Gee, I notice that your question, which is the same question I have, apparently has been ignored for over a month, which probably means the answer is a big fat "go f--- yourselves." I originally bought Enpass for all three mobile platforms because it was one of the very few options that worked cross-platform including Windows Mobile, which I also still use. I don't expect Enpass to keep updating apps for dead platforms like WinMo or Blackberry, but it's inexcusable that the very next release after they abandoned WinMo app development breaks compatibility with all prior versions of the app. Here's a feature suggestion, Enpass: how about a "compatibility mode" toggle in Enpass 6 that allows us to store our wallets in legacy (v5 and below) format to maintain compatibility with older devices stuck on Enpass v5?
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