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  1. Hi all I have with Enpass the problem that I cannot restore my Vault from the Onedrive. I start Enpass, choose Restore from Cloud and then Onedrive. Afterwards Chrome is started I enter my login data and there comes the donut wait for authorization which does not disappear. I have the same behavior with FireFox. With Enpass 5 everything ran without problems, a login into my OneDrive via the chrome is also possible without problems. I try following steps which I found here in the Forum, but it didnt bring the success: Quit Enpass (If running). Go to Device Settings --> Backup & Reset --> Disable Automatic restore. Goto Settings--> Manage Applications--> Click Enpass--> Clear cache and data Now open Enpass --> It will prompt you a Welcome Screen. Its a TP-Link Neffos X1 Max with android 7.
  2. I install the Version 6.0.2 (240) from the downloadside and not from the Windows Appstore and at the moment I didnt have the Problems with thew HDPI Monitor, with the Appstore Version I have the Problems. After 2 Reboots everything work fine.
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