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  1. Hi all When I try to print some PAsswords I get allways the error: Printer not found. This is happens when try to print one Entry oder all entries. I use Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.7 and the last Enpass Version 6.6.0 (775). It looks like the same Problem described here, the last information was the Developers are looking but there is since 2 Years no change :-( A Test Print from Firefox without any Problems. Best Regards
  2. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Your Post from December the 9th is wrong.. As an Pro User I can't use the new features. Enpass decides to go the money way,.Please communicate clearly that from now on Lifetime Pro users are second choice users. They will no longer get new features.
  3. Hi all Sometimes I want to Login Websites which needs the Loginname first after hit Enter oder click Next Button I come to the Site where I can enter the Passwort. On this sites The Autofill fails, it is entering the correct Loginname but not the Password. On Keepass you can configure the Login in a way like fill the Loginname,enter, Fill Password ,enter. Is there a way to do this Enpass? Best regards
  4. Hi all I have with Enpass the problem that I cannot restore my Vault from the Onedrive. I start Enpass, choose Restore from Cloud and then Onedrive. Afterwards Chrome is started I enter my login data and there comes the donut wait for authorization which does not disappear. I have the same behavior with FireFox. With Enpass 5 everything ran without problems, a login into my OneDrive via the chrome is also possible without problems. I try following steps which I found here in the Forum, but it didnt bring the success: Quit Enpass (If running). Go to Device Settings --> Backup & Reset --> Disable Automatic restore. Goto Settings--> Manage Applications--> Click Enpass--> Clear cache and data Now open Enpass --> It will prompt you a Welcome Screen. Its a TP-Link Neffos X1 Max with android 7.
  5. I install the Version 6.0.2 (240) from the downloadside and not from the Windows Appstore and at the moment I didnt have the Problems with thew HDPI Monitor, with the Appstore Version I have the Problems. After 2 Reboots everything work fine.
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