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  1. I suspect this is useful for preventing conflicts when multiple devices are used.
  2. Similar issue here. The problem started when I upgraded to latest version of Enpass. It was working fine before on an older version of Enpass (although not sure what this was now), up until the point I upgraded Enpass. I am currently on MacBook Pro M1, Ventura 13.5.2 / Enpass 6.9.1 (1512). I'm having the exact experience Shlomi was having. Works fine if opening for the first time, but if I reopen after it has locked I get the spinning beachball of death and have to force quit the app. (Note: seems to work fine on a separate Macbook Air M2, Sonoma 14.0 / Enpass 6.9.1 (1512), eg. exactly the same version of Enpass. Unfortunately I can't upgrade the M1 Macbook Pro to Sonoma!)
  3. Thanks for this - working for me now . Glad I found this. I thinking the search dropdown options could be slightly clearer, perhaps something like: 'Titles only' and 'All fields except passwords'. Perhaps 'All fields except passwords' could be the default too!
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