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  1. Well... seems my mom was able to resolve it by deleting the app from the iPhone and reinstalling it from the AppStore. Maybe its related to the fact we have the family sharing active. After fresh installation she was asked if the was already a customer and then was able to recover from the icloud+masterpass. Still I suggest somebody look into this matter, since it is confusing. Maybe you can solve it at your end in the same manner, @Diana. I keep my fingers crossed for you.
  2. My mother contacted me today describing the exact same issue. All other installations in the Family are working fine, each family memeber bought his own copy and now have the unlimited membership (Enpass was bought back when it was a one-time in-app purchase). The iPhone in question is a iPhone SE with iOS 13.5 (maybe related to the update?). Would love to get a pointer how we can fix this issue.
  3. Title might sounds a bit irritating, but let me describe my trouble. I am using Enpass 6.4.1 (642) on my Mac (10.15.4). When I was adding a new entry I encountered a strange behaviour while generating the password for the new service. Each time I hit "copy to clipboard" to transport the password over to the form in my browser to apply it, Enpass reacted as if I was pressing the "refresh" button. This is quite annoying since the fill button then transport the wrong password over to the entry. Got myself blocked already at my cloud provider for trying to reset my password too often due this error. Also it seems also to happen if I say fill, he fills the entry with a different password then the generator showed me. Just figured this while I was confirming my find during the writing of this thread. Seems the recent version broke something ? Or is the error sitting in front of the screen ? Update: Seems 6.4.1 introduced the bug, on a different Mac with still 6.4.0 installed I can't reproduce the behaviour.
  4. I am on with this one, i pretty much use one email for most services, thus it would make sense to enable me to autofill that entry.
  5. I would love also to see support for Yubikey token devices, especially since as Apple opened the NFC interface to allow apps to read. And Yubico also provides a SDK for dealing with it on iOS. With that the suggestion that not all mobile plattforms are supported (probably cause of iOS) does fall in my eyes, since majority devices does feature NFC or a USB port, making it useful for probably over 90% of the Enpass users. What I have in mind for the use would be the choice of a dual auth (so you can use your passphase OR the token) or a combined auth (user passphase and a token from the yubikey). The dual auth variation would be nice for my parents, since we had it already that they forgot the passphase and we had to redo all... thank god it was at the beginning and still easy to readd everything. Besides not all Macs come with a TouchID, so this could give us the same benefit as the TouchID fellows. Also I wouldnt mind it being a premium feature, I mean after all its work and that needs to be rewarded.
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