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  1. @Amandeep Kumar Any enpass version on any platform. The only possibility to see what category an item belongs to, is to see an item directly from a choosen category. If you view an item from the All categories view, there's no field or description to correlate the item back to is category.
  2. You aren't supposed to move the enpassdbsync AFAIK. You disconnect your vault from OneDrive A and connect it to OneDrive B-account?
  3. This isn't an official package, is it? Try the Deb-packages from Enpass official Ubuntu repo instead "KNOWN ISSUES: - Browser extension unable to connect to application with default permissions. - The extensions will open the application, but not establish a connection." - https://flathub.org/apps/io.enpass.Enpass
  4. vaults are local-first in Enpass. What you'd do is to remove the data "from cloud" on one of your devices with Enpass, then immediately setup a new sync to Google. If you've got Enpass on more devices still syncing towards apple, youll get a red warning on them saying no data was found on Apple iCloud, ignore and then setup sync to Google on them as well. make sure you've got backups when doing this, esp. if you're only using Enpass on one device, either automatic ones or create a manual backup, since you'll remove Working with vaults — Enpass User Manual-Desktop 6.7 documentation
  5. Just tell the devs to stop this malarcy with. It's redicioulus esp. with Enpass going Enterprise. Pinning was introduced after a security audit you had done prior to Enpass Business, but surely you fixed the real issues that came to light? Continuing SSL/TLS-pinning for now is just security by obscurity :-)
  6. The new beta version 6.9.4 for android seems to lock the main app when it is brought to focus (and if the "lock after" has been set), not in the background. I'm seeing my items briefly before enpass lockscreen covers it. So it seems the data is unprotected in the background. The behavior is seen when "Lock on leave" is disabled. If that setting is activated, the locking seems to happen as soon as the app is put to background.
  7. Thanks for putting your hands on the WearOS app in enpass beta 6.9.4 for android. Seems that you tried to sort the scrolling out. However now you made the title-header scrollable, so items are hidden. Please make it so that there is only one scrollable area in the WearOS app (and also not 50% too long scrollbars
  8. Are those plans still "current", that is, you're abandoning the portable version? Will it receive functional updates at some point, or security updates if needed, or is it left as-is? Is it safe to use in a sync-scenario when other enpass versions are years newer?
  9. Checked again now, and seems that this has been solved by Google with yet another Chrome update: 120.0.6099.115. Enpass now shows up at Passkey-logins like it should.
  10. Worked fine the other day, logged on to Nintendo, github, passkeys.io Google, so forth. But now I get a new seemingly Android-native prompt when I try to use passkeys. Chrome://flags still says "Use passkeys for Google Password Manager and third party managers" Reboot didn't help. Google Pixel 7, Android 14, Chrome 120.0.6099.43 Enpass
  11. As enpass supports multiple vaults, it would be need if accent colors could be associated with a vault, in the same pane as the name and icon is set. Then, in the "All Items" view, when all vaults are selected, the items would have the same accent color as its background. Easier to spot which items belongs where
  12. I agree with @sbstnzmr here. It's one thing to utilize SSL pinning, but a completely different thing to force lockout with the 'local' architecture in mind. At the very least there has to be an official, completely offline method for airgap-activating and maintaining licensing. Especially in the Enterprise-segment this is always an option. The very same audience would most likely expect Enpass with its nature to have and honor a switch in Settings->Advanced that disables Enpass from initiating outbound network requests to public internet. Staying local with Enpass should be possible.
  13. Confirmed working in chrome for me. Thanks. Notably, the option below; "Enabled for 3rd party passkeys" does NOT work
  14. Just tried Github, same issue, using latest Chrome for Android with passkey-support activated. Passkey creation/login works on Desktop but not on Android.. Button triggers Google Password Manager only, which is empty and not chosen at all in Settings --> Passwords
  15. Was logging in to file the very same glitch 'til I saw this. Got the same device, same Android- and Enpass-version, tried the same site.
  16. I actually don't understand if the auto-fill vulnerability applies to the Firefox-extension. Today i noticed via the appmanifest-checkup that you have Firefox-extension 6.8.8 published and available on dl.enpass.io. It is however not covered on your Download-site. I installed it and it works. Is it going to be properly published?
  17. In Enpass 6.9.0 stable builds, the websites favicon doesnt show anymore within inline autofill. This applies to both Windows (UWP) and Linux (RPM) and both extension versions 6.8.3 and 6.8.6 Tried with Chome, Firefox and Edge. Enpass extension 6.8.3 on Firefox and 6.8.6 in Chrome. Tried to disable and re-enable 'website icons' in Enpass and relaunch with no avail
  18. Why is the extensions for Firefox still at 6.8.3 while all other browser has 6.8.6 6.8.6 - Changelog Auto-fill vulnerability related to embedded iframes when “Autofill on page load” is enabled in extension settings. Auto-fill problem on Synology reported by a few of you. Inline menu showing password generator when trying to autofill. https://www.enpass.io/release-notes/enpass-browser-extensions/
  19. The portable versions lags behind even more..
  20. The TOTP-functionality isn't just for Premium is it? it's the Audit-stuff including 2FA that is preserved for Premium.
  21. TOTP is calculated based on the local time on each device. Please check and adjust and make sure they're the same
  22. Obviously? that's why merging 5 vaults into 1 is an option if it is sufficent measures for op.
  23. If you really want to keep those vaults independent and on separate cloudstorages, webdav is the only method working since it allows you to specify the path. This would be possible in the oath2-provider situation aswell, but Enpass has for some reason chosen to used fixed paths. what you could do, i guess, is to use Folder as the prefered synchronization method. As you probably understand you'd have to use another sync-mechanism such as OneDrive, Google Drive (or whatever they call 'em now) and sync the target folders to the cloudstorage that way, but many people already have them installed anyway. I don't recall Folder being an option in the Android app previously, but it is present in Android (6.9.0). So by using something like https://foldersync.io/ on android, you should be able to have as many vaults as needed on one cloudaccount. While it is a positive thing securitywise to separate the dutys for local decryption from cloud synchronization (and holder of the oath2-keys), it is slightly more complex and possibly carries higher risk of incidents, such as corruption, missed-out sync-intervals having your latest update being written over. Like @AnakinCaesar mentioned, merging your 5 vaults is alot easier if it's sufficent to store them under one cloudaccount. For instance vault-items previously being stored separately could after the merge be tagged respectively.
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