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  1. No, I can add tags within the item, existing ones as well as new ones. Upon typing and hitting "Enter" the tags are defined (like in 6.7) However: 1. I don't get any suggestions like in 6.7 2. The tags are not shown in the item after pressing Save. I have to back out and step into the item again to see the tags. I'm using oneplus 7T and Android 11 for the record.
  2. Since 6.8, sync to Dropbox breaks several times per day both on Android 11 and Ubuntu 22.04. (not using windows atm. so can't vote for that) Re-authentication works for a few hours. Google doesn't seem to broken
  3. That works here. Is the button missing or do you get an error? Can you do a screenshot (if you can avoid sensitive info ofc) Also mention your Android version, device model since the moderators always ask for it
  4. 1. When launching Enpass 6.8, The upper right vault icon reverts to the one representing the Primary vault even when All vaults are selected. If you tap it and again select "All vaults" the icon gets the correct 'ring" 2. Even if a user clears all "Leaked passwords" by creating audit exceptions for them the audit-button in the navigation bar still has a red dot. Also the red banner on top is still there
  5. Please remove the "show more" button for the categories section, or at least save the UI-preference permanently. I like the new interface but as I navigate a lot through the categories, it quickly become tedious to click "show more" to reach my desired category. Scrolling is fast anyway
  6. Using the new 6.8 for Android, I have 0 identical passwords in the audit section. If I create two new items with the same passwords (asdfgh), they appear in the "Leaked" section which makes sense, but they're not showing up as Identical.
  7. Great work with the UI-revamp of the new 6.8! While long-pressing Enpass in the launcher and tapping "Search","New" or "favorites", Enpass opens but doesn't focus on the search bar nor bring up the keyboard like it did before. It just goes to the main view
  8. On Ubuntu 22.04, the new Enpass Beta 6.8.0 1059 brings alot darker background. In 6.7.x the dark parts for the areas of Items and details where gray, while now being pitch dark (OLED dark). I think it's a bit too black.
  9. Enpass: 6.8.0 1059 OS: Ubuntu 22.04 (Wayland disabled) Vaults: 6 I'm pretty sure I've seen this before, on both Desktop's and mobile, but reporting it here since my item-counters were fine on my desktop prior to the Beta-upgrade. I have a custom category called 'Shopping'. In the 'All Vaults'-view, the Item counter/indicator is missing even though I have at least one item there. If I switch view to the specific vault with that Item, the indicator works and shows '1'. As you see the Search still works and filters out the result, but the indicator still doesn't work. Again, I think this affects more versions and more platforms but this is the platform I can reproduce it on at the moment.
  10. I'm aware, it was more a question to people (coming from Samsung Pass) if they've been able to export data at all from Samsung Pass, but it seems they don't provide any such method, which sucks. So Enpass isn't to blame.
  11. Currently four static groups, (or categories) are shown in the little Assistant; Home (all items), Favourites, Credit cards and Identities. I suggest this to be customized by the user, maybe in Settings -> Customize. There could be a section there called 'Assistant' with some checkboxes. The checkboxes would include all the Categories including customized ones, as well as the special ones like One-time codes, attachments and so forth.
  12. Asking on behalf of someone else wanting to migrate to Enpass; Samsung Pass seem to hold it's users in a firm grasp without the possibility to export to CSV. I could only see an option to export to a "datafile" resulting in a .SPASS-file (passprotected and encrypted). Anyone knows if export/import is possible, somehow?
  13. https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/vault.html#cloud-setup You still can't use the same account for multiple vaults, only the same Provider (with different accounts). (with the exception of WEBDAV which let's you pick the path). Don't think they're intending to change this as they're describing "multiple vaults" as a segregation-possibility when sharing vault with someone, not segregating personal data.. Having that said, if you want to separate your personal data in separate vaults, doesn't make more sense anyway to use different cloud accounts?
  14. https://www.enpass.io/downloads/#extensions
  15. the way i see it you have these options 1. Use the "Save Webform" in the browser-extenion's menu (should the specific site provide a Form). This is intended when there are additional or non-standard attributes to fill in. 2. if it's only few or specific sites that are messed up, and you want the E-mail to be used during login, but still keep the UserName stored in Enpass, then change the Field-type of that specific item's UserName-field from the type 'UserName' to 'Text' or something (described here). That way it will still look the same, but Enpass shouldn't try to use ut during Autofill.. i suppose ... of course the same would work with the E-mail field as well.
  16. I'll try again. You're making an exception for the 2FA-warning on an item within the Desktop app: After clicking 'Save' above, and checking the fields (again on the desktop), there are no field or markers visible to indicate it has been exempted: If checking the same item on a synced Android device, a field is present as '2FA': If I would've made the 2FA audit exception in the Android app instead of in the Desktop app, the field (still only visible in the Android app), would've been called 'Two FA Type' as shown below: So, it's probably bug reports rather than feature request, A. The field names for 2FA-audit exceptions are not consistently named when created in different apps. B. The neither of the exception-fields are visible in the Desktop app, making it impossible to search or revoke the 2FA-exceptions in the desktop app.
  17. When Enpass identifies a site that supports 2FA, you have a blue banner that allows you to exempt the particular item from the audit (Don't save). Hitting that button the fields and values will be different depending on if exemption is being made on Enpass for Android or Enpass for Desktops: When exempted in Desktop (Microsoft Store edition, v.6.7.4): Fieldname: "2FA", value: "<random>". When exempted in Android app v. 6.7.1), fieldname: "Two FA Type", value "other". Also, neither of these fieldnames are visible in the Desktop app, only in the mobile app?
  18. Why are you posting in an existing, non-related thread? You should create a new one, or contact support directly if you have a subscription. You're safest bet would be if you had Cloud Sync setup in the old installation, then you'd simply create a new vault now and choose restore from cloud when setting it up. If not, then it depends on whether you formatted your drive. If you didn't, Enpass creates backups automatically under your personal folder which could be accessible and restored from.
  19. Since 6.8 Beta with it's feature is presented without Yubikey-support, i'd guess that we have to wait to the end of this year (if anything). Ofc, I'ts a _complete_ guess due to the lack of progress, timelines nor insight.
  20. @ng4ever if you've set up the same cloud account for that vault on all your devices, then yes. When syncing, Enpass compares contents within the local and "remote" database. A missing item will be added and the latest modifications will within items will be applied. As always when you're utilizing Synchronization in any context, the time-settings on all involved devices are crucial. Luckily, that's rarely something one has issues with today since most devices syncs it time from the internet by default.
  21. When experienced users share items between one another with a PSK, The added instructions how to add the vault becomes tedious and stops the receiver from selecting "everything" > copy. Suggestion: add a toggle in all apps in the sharing section where users can turn off "Add instructions". Also the Warning-text could about sharing in general could be opted out from once this toggle has been used.
  22. That's a very nice suggestion imho. I actually had a similar idea only yesterday, where I was thinking of suggesting an additional Field-type of type "Link", where I'd point out vault>item>field. That way I could share passwords or other attributes of an item for multiple entries, or have a Website login in one item, and refer the TOTP to another item, in another vault (to store them separately in the cloud) There would also be a big difference between links and copies /sync, and also in the ways secondary vaults are used: in a case where one has multiple vaults for himself, both links and syncs of items/fields would work, where in the case of a vault shared between users, the primary vault with the source-item might not be present, hence a sync process would work, but not links. Maybe only a two-way sync is needed. If you share a vault and item with someone, you trust them with the content if you're create a linked item. Otherwise you'd share it normally to the shared vault or via a PSK which the receiver adds to his primary vault If you're having all the vaults for your own use, it wouldn't add much with a one-way AND two-way Anyway, good idea, your idea is probably more realistic to implement.
  23. Also, again, * allow dark theme for the Wearos-devices * copy cached favicons from mobile Enpass over to WearOS-device * allow Notes to be visible in WearOS app, currently a custom field has to be added for that
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