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  1. The issue is still not fixed. I tried your workaround. It worked for some days, but now it's back to this "wrong password" error again.
  2. This is a joke right? I cant sync with nextcloud or Icloud. Both have the same issue. So I am stuck now with wifi sync and this is not working on my corporate wifi. Do you even see how much this impacts your product? Going back to keepass. byby
  3. I encounter the same issue. Please fix this ASAP
  4. Same issue here. "Almost every other week sync stops working and I'm told that my password is wrong and I need to enter the new one. " please fix this ASAP
  5. The pin doesnt work on the iphone itself either. is there a way to bugbounty this issue?
  6. hi i have a similar failure with the pin functionality. enpass says the pin is wrong when i enter it in another app to get my login for that app. if i go back to the enpassapp and unlock with pin it works just fine. enpass 6.1.0 ios 12.3.1 iphone 6 MG472ZD/A
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