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  1. If you read the whole thread and check the dates when first logged, you will see it seems to be meaningless to log cases or ask enpass team in the forum. The only conclusion you can draw from this is... Enpass team don't care! All they can do is talk! No action.... Now they won't even talk... There are a bunch of cases like this. Some logged 6 months ago with a promised high priority (this case was also promised with high priority). not fixed. So what do you expect. I guess that.... if they are low on development resources, it can be bad for security fixes as well. If you put all eggs in the enpass basket where we are not sure of security fixes will come if needed, well....
  2. I can see this new release now... --snip-- Version 6.8.6 (1360) Release Date May 08, 2023 Two small changes in this release: one a security improvement and one Enpass Business back-end tweak: Improvements: Sharing individual Items in Enpass will now require using a pre-shared key (PSK). ENPASS BUSINESS: Microsoft 365 permissions scopes updated. --snip-- Cannot see anything about a fix for the icloud advanced data protection issue
  3. @Tranel Yes it seems they do not care. That seems to be the truth. I have seen that too. I totally agree with you. I logged another case (their ticket ID of it is "ECS-34623"). They confirmed the bug as reproducible and I got a reply jan 2 2003 with this text in bold: "We have put this issue on a high priority and are working hard to resolve it as quickly as possible.". That issue is not solved either.... After 3 months... That was @Abhishek Dewan that replied to that as well with huge promise. Ok, that bug is/was not as critical as this icloud advanced data protection bug. But it shows very clearly how Enpass acts. Maybe time to change the way you express yourself in the forum @Abhishek Dewan. You and enpass start to loose all peoples trust by making promises over and over again that you simply do no care about at all. V e r y disappointed! Maybe time to leave the enpass ship now and go for another product....
  4. Is this some kind of joke? What is happening? feb 2 a patch was in test phase.... Prioritize fixing errors before adding new features! @Abhishek Dewan or any other at enpass, please say something!
  5. I have not switched to Bitwarden or any other yet, but thinking of doing the same... Feb 2 @Abhishek Dewan said "We are testing a patch to address this issue.". Now... This was either a lie or the test had problems (or maybe low priority from Enpass). But I also think this is way too long (5 weeks after the fix was in test phase) to adress such an issue. I am not satisfied! //Peo
  6. When enabling Advanced Data protection the enpass to-from icloud sync stopped to work on both MACs and iphones for me. I can see some posts states it continues to work on iphones. But for me *all* Apple devices stopped working. When I disabled Advanced Data Protection again *all* apple devices enpass sync started to work again. So I expect a fix for enpass on Mac and on iphones as it is clear there is some kind of flaw in both versions. @Abhishek Dewan 13 days ago, you posted that your were testing a patch for this issue, in which statement I read that you were almost done. Please update us of the status! Tnx
  7. Just wondering how is it going with the patch @Abhishek Dewan ?
  8. Hi When can we expect an enpass fix for the sync error that appears on both macs and IOS when apple advanced data protection was enabled on icloud. It seems enpass is the only software I have that got error with the new advanced data protection... Error code 1104001 Tnx
  9. Hi I have Enpass 6.6.0 (772) + Mac OS big sur 11.2.3 M1 I have an un unlocked FIPS 140-2 level 3 USB stick that is FAT 32 formatted attached as /Volumes/SECURE_KEY1 ## Tested scenario in numbered order ## # 1 I exported json to a USB stick -> OK # 2 I exported txt to a USB stick -> OK # 3 I exported csv to a USB stick -> FAILED # 4 a) I exported csv to my desktop folder -> OK b) ( I manually moved the exported file from desktop folder to USB stick ) Only csv exports to USB fail. Of course the work around is easy. I have also tried with a fixed added disk (i.e not removable media), but the very same problem occurs. ## Conlusion ## Bug in Enpass csv export funktion
  10. pos

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    @Ankur Gupta As you commented in the thread and is a part of the "enpass" team.... Now after some more posts, you can see you do not need any samples as the problem is 100% clear. Please say something! How can you act so slow for such a critical incident? We could at least expect a fast reply that you are sorry for the bug and will go for a quick fix. Why this silence? Show us that you care for your customers! /Peo
  11. pos

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    We have 10 users with this problem after the latest update! Bad testing procedure Enpass!
  12. pos

    iOS 13.1 problems

    @Pratyush Sharma And what is happening? Are you working on it or not? I also have a direct question to you at Enpass: To be able to upgrade and/or patch IOS is important for many reasons. Don´t you have a developers agreement with Apple? It is not expensive. The cost is like a couple of hamburger per year With a developers agreement you can prepare and roll out a new enpass release that will work on IOS 13 when it comes *before* people see simple basic problems like this. Thanks in advance /Peo
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