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  1. Hi I have Enpass 6.6.0 (772) + Mac OS big sur 11.2.3 M1 I have an un unlocked FIPS 140-2 level 3 USB stick that is FAT 32 formatted attached as /Volumes/SECURE_KEY1 ## Tested scenario in numbered order ## # 1 I exported json to a USB stick -> OK # 2 I exported txt to a USB stick -> OK # 3 I exported csv to a USB stick -> FAILED # 4 a) I exported csv to my desktop folder -> OK b) ( I manually moved the exported file from desktop folder to USB stick ) Only csv exports to USB fail. Of course the work around is easy. I have also tried with a fixed added disk (i.e not removable media), but the very same problem occurs. ## Conlusion ## Bug in Enpass csv export funktion
  2. pos

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    @Ankur Gupta As you commented in the thread and is a part of the "enpass" team.... Now after some more posts, you can see you do not need any samples as the problem is 100% clear. Please say something! How can you act so slow for such a critical incident? We could at least expect a fast reply that you are sorry for the bug and will go for a quick fix. Why this silence? Show us that you care for your customers! /Peo
  3. pos

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    We have 10 users with this problem after the latest update! Bad testing procedure Enpass!
  4. pos

    iOS 13.1 problems

    @Pratyush Sharma And what is happening? Are you working on it or not? I also have a direct question to you at Enpass: To be able to upgrade and/or patch IOS is important for many reasons. Don´t you have a developers agreement with Apple? It is not expensive. The cost is like a couple of hamburger per year With a developers agreement you can prepare and roll out a new enpass release that will work on IOS 13 when it comes *before* people see simple basic problems like this. Thanks in advance /Peo
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