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  1. No favicons in update 6.1 launched today?
  2. Any idea when favicons are back?
  3. yup and no answer anymore Where are the favicon's???
  4. Yes end of may its june now...
  5. pitty but thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi, i live in Belgium and we use the azerty keyboard layout, is it possible to add azerty layout? Thanks
  7. Hi thanks for the support it is fixed now. The problem was my Sophos antivirus program, i replaced it with another one.
  8. I also have this problem Access Denied! Error 403 Browser's code signature verification failed. Filling and other features are disabled until this configuration issue is resolved. Please E-mail the diagnostics below to us at support@enpass.io. Application Name : Enpass Password Manager Version : Browser Connecting Path : There were something wrong to find executable path. Error : Unknown error LocalAddress : LocalPort : 10391 Origin : chrome-extension://kmcfomidfpdkfieipokbalgegidffkal PeerAddress : PeerPort : 49611 Operating System Name : Windows 10 Proxy Type : NoProxy
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