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  1. i would like to know that 2
  2. hi thanks for the answer but the feature works but not the first time I switch on my pc. After booting up I have to give manually the password, after that it works with the windows hello feature
  3. Hi, I was wondering why after login to windows 10 (with Verimark security key) i still have to enter my password manually the first time?
  4. Hi, My sister bought a lifetime license on her iphone. If she switch to Android does she need to pay for a new license or can she use the one from the Appstore?
  5. still no favicons can some from enpass answer? thanks
  6. Dirk Cleiren

    Latest Beta?

    i have 6.1.1 (453)
  7. No favicons in update 6.1 launched today?
  8. Any idea when favicons are back?
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