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  1. I can't believe this came from a team member. "%20" is the URL encoded representation of a space, not some weird escape sequence. The correct encondig of the URL above would be "davs://foo.bar/servlet/webdav.infostore/Userstore/Us%C3%89%C3%89%C3%89er%20Na%C3%89%C3%89%C3%89me" However, I found out that Enpass does neither require nor support pre-encoded URLs, not even "%20", which means you have to put "davs://foo.bar/servlet/webdav.infostore/Userstore/UsÉÉÉer NaÉÉÉme" to make it work. Edit: This worked for a while but is broken the latest releases. Currently there does not seem to be a way to get spaces or non-ascii characters to work at all. Support says they are working on it, but is has been three months already.
  2. Guys, what are you talking about? I purchased the lifetime license one year ago on my iPhone and I never got asked to pay again or saw any banners, so all these threads seem very weird to me. If you get warnings about a hacked password, maybe you should change the password in question.
  3. 2FA is not snakeoil. Its purpose is to protect people in case of infected client computers. If keyloggers, viruses or packet sniffers steal your password, they can't just use it to log into your account.
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