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  1. I am also a pro customer with a total of three licenses, and of course I do not like the approach of Enpass, contrary to all promises, but I can understand the approach with the additional premium licenses. As long as I keep the Pro - functions, I can live with the consequences. And the two Premium - functions presented so far do not really interest me.

    As long as in the future one or the other improvement will include the pro - licenses and the apps will be maintained, I am happy. Above all I would like to keep the Wifi-Sync. Therefore Enpass is and remains my number one. Maybe the graphics problem will be fixed, as I was promised in another thread of Enpass team.

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  2. Thanks, but this does not help. I try this before posting my problem. As I wrote, it is independent of the text scaling size. I also tried different versions of my Radeon RX 570 drivers.

    Maybe Enpass has trouble with Windows 2004, with pervious versions of windows I never had any problems with Enpass.

    @Support-Team: any idea or are other users known with this problem?

  3. Dear Forum,

    I updated today to V6.5.0. and have a small graphics problem. In the program but also in the browser-extensions the last parts of a line/headline are always cut off on the right side or bottom in the menu, in the single entries or generated passwords. It seems, a pixel row is missing. The problem occurs in the traditional version as well as in the store version. I use Windows 2004 (latest update) and a 4k resolution. The error is independent of the text scaling size.

    I have included two screenshots. This error occurs only with ENPASS.

    Does anyone have an idea what could happen?



    2020-09-11 23_14_22-Enpass.jpg

    2020-09-11 23_14_03-Enpass.jpg

    No 3.jpg

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