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  1. Hi,

    i am using the newest Enpass 6 beta with the Chrome extension. There is one annoying thing: I have a convertible laptop and in tablet mode i cannot auto-fill logins via touch input. If i try to double-tap on the entry nothing happens.

    I have to select the entry (one tap), open the on screen keyboard and press enter... I hope this can be fixed. 


    Best regards


  2. On 29.12.2017 at 5:13 PM, troypulk said:

    Where do i find the change log for this BETA version?

    Where can I download it manually?


    I would like to know that too... The release notes on the official website are not up to date.

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  3. Hi @Anshu kumar

    thanks for the quick response.

    I tested a little more:

    1. It was first running on a network drive. If i put it on the local HDD, it works much better (with search in all fields)! Is the application accessing the drive while searching? Isn't the database cached in RAM? Normally, the network drive is not very slow, other apps work fine on it.

    2. I have 516 items in total.

    3. CPU usage is 0% in idle and goes up to about 20% while searching. EnpassPortable.exe uses ~37 MB RAM and EnpassPortableHelper uses ~ 10 MB.

    4. If i set it to titles only, the search goes faster (on the network drive).

    Best regards



  4. Hi there,

    I am using EnpassPortable 5.3.0 on a Windows 7 64 Bit PC. Every time i try to search for something, the whole application freezes for about 10-20 seconds. This can get quite annoying as you can imagine ;-)

    The system is powerful enough (Intel Core i5 3,1 GHz, 8 GB RAM) and all other apps are running fine.

    Any solutions/fixes? Should i provide more info? 

    Best regards


  5. 6 minutes ago, jscgn said:


    the newest beta crashes after about 30 seconds, even if i don't do anything after the login.


    How should I send you the log?



    Weird.... The Windows Beta also crashes after a few seconds for me.... Maybe it has something to do with my specific password database!?

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