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  1. Same problem here. I tried with Chrome + Firefox, no luck....
  2. jscgn

    BETA 6 - Restore does not work

    I had the same problem. Also, Enpass6 apparently created multiple vaults for every try to enter the password:
  3. jscgn

    It's June, where is Enpass 6 Beta?

    I would like to know too... I asked via Twitter and blog comment, no answer...
  4. jscgn

    Beta ver 5.6.3

    I would like to know that too... The release notes on the official website are not up to date.
  5. Hi there, on my work laptop i have Windows 10, but the Windows Store is disabled. Is there any way to get the new bridged app onto it? Best regards J.
  6. jscgn

    Update website password doesn't work

    I also experienced this a few times. But it only happens sometimes and it's not reproducible, so the bug is hard to find i think...
  7. That would be great, waiting eagerly for it..... @Vinod Kumar
  8. jscgn

    Windows Portable Version Freezes

    Hi @Anshu kumar thanks for the quick response. I tested a little more: 1. It was first running on a network drive. If i put it on the local HDD, it works much better (with search in all fields)! Is the application accessing the drive while searching? Isn't the database cached in RAM? Normally, the network drive is not very slow, other apps work fine on it. 2. I have 516 items in total. 3. CPU usage is 0% in idle and goes up to about 20% while searching. EnpassPortable.exe uses ~37 MB RAM and EnpassPortableHelper uses ~ 10 MB. 4. If i set it to titles only, the search goes faster (on the network drive). Best regards Jan
  9. Hi there, I am using EnpassPortable 5.3.0 on a Windows 7 64 Bit PC. Every time i try to search for something, the whole application freezes for about 10-20 seconds. This can get quite annoying as you can imagine ;-) The system is powerful enough (Intel Core i5 3,1 GHz, 8 GB RAM) and all other apps are running fine. Any solutions/fixes? Should i provide more info? Best regards Jan
  10. jscgn

    Enpass Beta v5.4.0 for Mac OS X is here.

    Weird.... The Windows Beta also crashes after a few seconds for me.... Maybe it has something to do with my specific password database!?
  11. jscgn

    Enpass Beta v5.4.0 for Mac OS X is here.

    Hi, the newest beta crashes after about 30 seconds, even if i don't do anything after the login. How should I send you the log?