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  1. 11 hours ago, cpyne said:

    In v5 Enpass on Windows, I remember you could simply right click on an entry and select Copy Password or Copy Username.   Now in v6 you need to go to the detail level and click the copy icon.   While this is just a couple extra clicks and pretty minor, it does seem like a step backwards in usability.  


    Please add right click > Copy Password and Copy Username in v6 like there was in v5

    If you pay enough attention, you will also notice that the context menu is no longer contextual. You need to first click on the item you want, and then right click. If you just hover over an item, it will not show the context menu relative to that.

    And this happens because Enpass 6 was not designed to be a proper, well thought,  native desktop app. Context menus, typing, fonts, keyboard shortcuts, all things that used to be great at Enpass 5 are now awful. The desktop app manages to look alien on all platforms it supports. And since the developers already got the users money, because everyone who used v5 has already purchased and paid for the mobile apps, they will not fix it and they will not improve it. Radio silence on any post that complains about the desktop app.

    They just don't care. 

  2. On 5/29/2019 at 9:36 PM, krab said:

    And why "Classic" theme uses non-default windows font? Font you hardcoded into classic theme just small, awful and has anti-aliasing issues.

    Because they are not even trying. Enpass 6 is just awful, it will never be a good desktop app. 

    The developers are just lazy and careless.

    They did not even bother to fix the basic problems, like the context menu that does not work at all, the password editing menu, the menu bar that uses a fixed width, really, I don't think I have ever seen even an electron app that manages to get this much wrong on the UI side. 

  3. There is a major problem with the "classic" theme, that makes it absolutely useless for the people who really want it. 

    The context menus have not been fixed. The hover behavior is completely lost. In the items pane (where it shows a table with all the websites entries), if you select one item, the hover over another one, and then right click it does not work. 

    When the context menu shows up, all the options will happen on the item that is currently selected, instead of on the item where the mouse is hovering. 

    It basically that the context menu is not contextual anymore. 

    A major innovation from the Enpass team: a context-unaware context menu. 


    Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs


  4. 17 hours ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    There's more than one problem. I agree that the Enpass team is crowbarring a mobile IU into their desktop app. I agree that's less than ideal, to put it mildly. At best, its a means to an end for getting the product out the door, and improvements will be made over time. At worst, it's flat-out lazy programming.

    But the communication problem is that the Enpass team is not being frank with us about where Enpass 6 falls on that scale. In fact, they seem to be specifically avoiding answering that question, which leads me to believe the truth is closer to the latter. Having said that, I still prefer Enpass to the alternatives I've tried, even if the UI is as bad as it is right now. I hope these forums will help influence the Enpass team to do the right thing and build a proper UI for the desktop version, but it seems they don't intend to actually clear that up. So yes, the problem — or one of the problems — is communication.


    I'm not sure how this qualifies as "dishonest." I don't like it either, but you disagreeing with their UI decisions is not even in the same wheelhouse as "dishonest."

    Now, I believe at one point, on one of these threads, someone on the Enpass team did say the desktop UI would be brought more in line with Windows and Mac standards. One could color that statement as "dishonest," and perhaps that's what you mean — but it's not what you said.


    Fraud: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain

    I'm not sure how this rises to "fraud" — I think you're hyperbolizing out of frustration. But whatever the case, I don't understand what you're still doing here if you have this much distain for the new product. What are you getting out of this conversation? Wouldn't your time be better spent looking for alternative software?

    As for downgrading, do you not have a backup somewhere of Enpass 5 that you could reinstall?


    I was requesting that the Enpass team provide a way for users to downgrade. Especially in the platforms where they paid for the app.

    In contact with the Enpass support in private, they ended up providing a way for me to downgrade, as well as the browser extensions, that they did not provide initially. Later, those were also provided in a public url. 

    They also admitted that the list of complaints I made about the app were legitimate, and a fix was planned for the issues I listed, in the next few months. 

    Some of my comments were hyperbolic made out of frustration with a essential product that I used daily and is now broken, due to how the redesign was coupled with the database format upgrade. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Vinod Kumar said:

    Hi @illogic-al,

    It is not possible to install Chrome extensions outside of chrome web store. You can download a Firefox extension from here.

    Yet another lie by the sleazy Enpass developers. 

    It is possible to install chrome extensions outside of the store, by loading it unpacked.

    But it is also perfectly possible for you to provide the old version of the extension under Enpass Legacy and allow the users who will to update to the horrible v6 to keep using the version they want, that is compatible with the mobile app for which they have paid for. 

  6. 11 hours ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    That's understandable. I work in software. I know how harried the development process can be, especially when you're in open beta, and especially when you're nearing the finish line.

    The problem is not communication. The problem is releasing a bad desktop app which has a tablet UI and forcing customers to use it. 

    And to everyone saying it is a good interface: Just right click something, or try to edit an entry, and see how the dialog is constrained to the main window size. See how all menus in the app are broken, because context menus cannot be drawn outside the main window. You know why things are like that? Because it is a user interface that is designed to only work well in tablets. 

    In tablet, you only have one app showing at a time, which takes over the entire screen.

    What the interface needs to be usable in dekstop computer is:

    1. A menu bar

    2. Native context menus, that can be drawn outside the app window. 

    3. Settings and editing password entries should open in a new outside window, independent of the app size, and should be resizeable. 

    4. Allow the user to change the app DPI i.e. make things smaller. 

    Design is not just just how it looks, it's how it works.

    They have released a tablet app, and then are dishonestly forcing every user on all platforms to use this version, otherwise sync with the mobile apps on iOS and Android will be broken. Mind you, these mobile apps were all paid for. 

    And you, Mr. @100 Watt Walrus, are a fool for believing these dishonest developers.

    This is plain and simple fraud. They should provide a way for users to downgrade on all platforms. 

  7. 16 hours ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    Yep. That's on me. I assumed the cosmetics and Mac-ification would happen after underlying framework issues were addressed. I was wrong.

    Not just Mac-ification but a desktop-ification. The app feels horrible to use on a Windows Desktop computer as well, because it was designed with a tablet UI paradigm. 

    But they go to great lengths to not answer any of the point that I raised.

    As I said before, I'm still waiting on their support issuing the refunds on all platforms as their twtter account @EnpassApp promised me via DMs, and so far I heard nothing from this company. Why? Because they are a dishonest and untrustworthy company that does not care about the quality of the products that they release. 


  8. 49 minutes ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    I've grown more and more frustrated and disappointed with the Enpass team's cherry-picking only questions they want to answer in the beta threads on these forums, and ignoring real concerns, usability issues and bugs. Now a production release has been announced, and there are a TON of problems that have gone ignored. A week ago I paid for the premium version of Enpass in good faith, on the assumption that the team would fix all these problems before releasing the app publicly, but instead they've released a buggy, incomplete product and have thus far largely ignored all of the following issues, and in some cases removed features instead of fixing them.

    I distinctly remember having complained about the desktop UI, about the app having a hamburger menu instead of a menu bar, and you telling me yourself they would fix it, that it was just a beta and so on...

    May I add: if you click an item that is near to the bottom of the screen, the context menu will have weird placement because it cannot be drawn outside the app window.

    Through Twitter DMs, the Enpass team at @EnpassApp promised to refund the purchases of the app that I made in all three platforms. I sent them the receipts, as they requested, and I have yet to hear from them. Why? Because they are dishonest and untrustworthy!


  9. 20 minutes ago, Ddk said:

    Calm down man. I think you need to re-evaluate your concerns about the user interface of Enpass 6. It has all the functionality, and more than Enpass 5 did. Looking like a ‘tablet app’ is no reason to downgrade to a an unsupported and less secure version. 

    It uses a hamburger menu and context menus can't be drawn outside the main window, so if you click an item that's near the end of the list it will have a weird placement.

    I don't care if it is unsupported. Data is secure and encrypted. I want the good old v5 version that I paid for!

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  10. Lack of answers from support, and data loss - also cannot downgrade

    The Enpass support team does not reply to my requests on twitter, on the forum and on email.

    The browsers extensions are not working with Enpass 5 anymore. I also can't downgrade to Enpass 5 on iOS, and to top it all up about 30 items in my vault have not been correclty imported to the new version and are missing.

    This is truly a dishonest and disgraceful company, and no person should ever trust them with any of their data and passwords.

  11. The Enpass support team does not reply to my requests on twitter, on the forum and on email. 

    The browsers extensions are not working with Enpass 5 anymore. I also can't downgrade to Enpass 5 on iOS, and to top it all up about 30 items in my vault have not been correclty imported to the new version and are missing. 

    This is truly a dishonest and disgraceful company, and no person should ever trust them with any of their data and passwords. 

  12. The Enpass support team does not reply to my requests on twitter, on the forum and on email.

    The browsers extensions are not working with Enpass 5 anymore. I also can't downgrade to Enpass 5 on iOS, and to top it all up about 30 items in my vault have not been correclty imported to the new version and are missing.

    This is truly a dishonest and disgraceful company, and no person should ever trust them with any of their data and passwords.

  13. 1 hour ago, Deyvison Rocha said:

    Sorry if I was arrogant. I did not want to be. You can install the previous version by downloading the site: apkmirror. com / apk / sinew-software-systems / enpass-password-manager /

    Once again, I'm sorry.

    I cannot find how to downgrade on iOS. And the google chrome and firefox extension from the website does not work anymore.

  14. 1 minute ago, Deyvison Rocha said:

    Enter on the topic and follow the first step.

    You are very arrogant.

    The link you sent is for the desktop app, which I already have. I want to downgrade on Android and iOS as well, because I does not sync there.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Deyvison Rocha said:

    Follow these steps on the Desktop.


    I don't want to migrate to Enpass 6 on desktop.

    I want to remain with Enpass 5 on desktop because Enpass 6 looks and behaves like a tablet app. Enpass 6 does not look like a PC or Mac app, the user interface looks like a tablet app.

    I thought I made that very clear on my post. That is why I want to downgrade.

    I tried to get in contact with Enpass on twitter, but they are ignoring my requests. I also cannot request a refund on the App store and on google play because the app was purchased many months ago.

  16. I purchased Enpass for Android around a year ago. This morning, I opened the app and it was updated to the newest version, Enpass 6.

    However, the Desktop version of Enpass 6 is horrible. It does not look like a PC or Mac app at all! It looks like a tablet app. So I will not update to Enpass 6, and I will keep using Enpass 5 on desktop.

    However, the new Android app does not sync with the previous desktop app. So how can I downgrade the Android app, which I already paid for, to the previous version?

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  17. On 12/2/2018 at 4:27 PM, Hitman said:

    Well this is strange ... I use it daily on multiple Linux and Windows Workstations with keyboard and mouse and everything is fine here. I like the look and feel and also the added animations (although I would not need them). So from my perspective it really is a UI polish on top of Enpass 5. Which brings me back to my initial point: it is subjective.

    You think that a hamburger menu feels great to use with keyboard and mouse? 

    Big buttons and extra large interface, extra large context menu, extra large interface, which requires lots of mouse travels, while having low information density, are all an improvement over previous version?

    You think the new settings menu which appears inside the apps own window (and there needs scrolling to see the bottom options) feels great on a desktop?

    You think that having an app which looks, feels and behave like a uwp app looks great on a Linux and MacOS machine??

    I don't even...



  18. On 11/18/2018 at 7:29 AM, Hitman said:
    1. Great work picking out the one point of my post that was even marked as being my opinion and completely ignoring all the objective points I listed otherwise. Nice style!
    2. I'm talking about User Interface, while you are talking about User Experience. The UI has more features than the Bitwarden UI. It's as simple as that. See examples above.

    What good serves allegedly having "more" features when they are frustrating to use and the app does not work? 

    If you cared only about features you would be perfectly happy with a command line app as it would be much quicker to develop and add features. 

    The point is that the user interface really matters on a desktop app, and the Enpass 6 desktop user interface is just horrible and does not work great at all on with mouse and keyboard, because the interface was designed to be used in a tablet with touch as input. 

    It is also extremely insulting that they stated that they will force all users who paid for the app in all platforms to update to version 6, on Android, on Mac and on the Windows Store as well. 

    They force all users to use a version with an interior user interface. 

  19. 14 minutes ago, Hitman said:

    More locked in? Enpass 6 has an awesome export. You can export your complete vault to a JSON file which contains a lot more information (in a much more structured way) than Enpass 5 did (or a lot other password managers, for that matter).

     I also tried Bitwarden (simply because it's OpenSource), but it lacks a lot of polish that Enpass has (UI wise, IMHO). I miss custom field reordering, custom field categories, the templates and I cannot edit/add items in Bitwarden while I'm offline. Also Bitwarden "only" encrypts field contents, but not the structure of your vault items. While this is not a huge risk, I still don't like leaking metadata.

     All in all I feel a lot more safe and in control with Enpass. And thanks to the new multi vault feature I can also cover family or work shared items now.

    Where is the UI polish in Enpass 6? I downloaded the Beta version on my Windows desktop computer and a tablet app appeared instead of a desktop app. 

  20. On 11/16/2018 at 4:28 AM, MilesTEG said:

    And we don't have any alternative not too expensive, or without subscription...

    Nevertheless, I start to wonder if I'll try 1Password...

    Considering how bad the Enpass 6 UI are on Windows desktop, I've been testing other apps, and I really liked Bitwarden. They are free, they have apps for Windows, Mac and Linux, for iOS and Android and for the web as well, they have a good importer for Enpass 5 data. 

    By the way, I think things will get even worse than they are now, because from what they've been saying here and on Twitter, they plan on replacing Enpass 5 with Enpass 6 on Android, so you will have absolutely no other way to use Enpass 5 and your data will become even more locked on this platform. If you ask me, I'd say "get out while you still can". 

  21. On 11/3/2018 at 1:14 AM, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    Roger that. It wasn't clear to me you were talking about Windows, but that may have been a reading-comprehension failure on my part. And I think you're right, the Enpass team hasn't said anything about addressing usability issues on Windows. I was a bit surprised that this release got a single thread for Mac, Windows, and Linux — but then that may be a function of the Enpass team's desire to focus on bugs at this juncture. Granted, it would have been helpful had that been made clear.

    I'm in 100% agreement that the whole UI concept needs a revisit (I just posted a few bullet points of my own on that front). Porting an Android UI to desktops isn't going to get the job done, and it would be reassuring to see the Enpass team address this with a "don't worry, folks, we'll get to it ASAP."

    As I told you in the previous posts, and considering the replies they've given in this post where they have explicitly avoided mentioning any UI improvements for Windows, there is no hope of fixing the app. I recommend everyone who wants a good native cross platform desktop password manager to avoid Enpass. 

    And given other posts, I also recommend that people be very careful about upgrading to version 6 as well, because it seems they are making it even more difficult exporting data by using a non-standard .json format, instead of the .csv version 5 used to accept. 

  22. 8 hours ago, kwitchibo said:

    That's just not true. They explicitly said they will try to make the UI/UX more Mac-like, as people (myself included) have requested. Give them some time. If you don't have time, please, move along.

    They haven't said anything about improving the design on Windows.

    In all previous feedback I have given, they answered all the points raised except the ones about the app design. 

    The app doesn't feel foreign and horrible to use with keyboard and mouse on the Mac. It feels bad on Windows as well, because the "UWP" look they adopted, with hamburger menus and weird button placement and lack of right click menu, is designed primarily for tablets. 

    1 hour ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    But if you don't have the patience for that, what are you even doing in a thread about beta software? 

    It's not about patience. I'm just making it very clear that the app being great to use with keyboard and mouse is very important to me as a user, and that the Enpass team does not seem to care about this enough, given the current design of the app and given their answers to feedback on the Windows app design.

  23. On 10/28/2018 at 5:45 AM, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    Yes, the UI redesign in v6 is bad

    Does the Enpass team agree with this statement? 

    If so, then there is hope for improvement.

    On 10/28/2018 at 5:45 AM, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    Beta testing is about squashing bugs and improving features first.

    Good UX is a feature. Bad UX is a bug. 

    But it does not seem like anyone on the Enpass team acknowledges that the Frankentablet UI is a bug. On the contrary, in every complaint that is made they explicitly ignore all the complaints about this. 

  24. On 10/21/2018 at 6:50 PM, fermati said:

    Some, myself included are not really pleased with the Mac version of Enpass6beta appearance being imported from the Windows side. It seems that you may also have imported things under the hood at the same time. I hope you can fix this.


    On 10/22/2018 at 3:47 AM, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    I'm with you. I hope the Mac version becomes something native instead of a port of the Windows version. It's not nearly intuitive or user-friendly enough as is. I'll probably keep using it because I've tried all the others, and Enpass is the only pw manager I like. But I really want to recommend it to friends and family, and I won't be able to do that unless it's Mac-friendly enough for my Dad to wrap his head around without help.


    On 10/22/2018 at 2:03 PM, mdovey said:

    Interesting, some of us Windows users think that the UI imports too much from the mobile versions, and hence doesn't fit well with Windows UI idioms, expectations or usability (e.g. slideout panels from than popup dialogs for editing, and I still can't get used to when to go for the horizontal line menu versus the cog menu...)


    The desktop beta versions of Enpass 6 are a disgrace to every other desktop app that I have ever used on Windows. It is extremely keyboard and mouse hostile. The grotesque button placement, the slide out panels, the touch oriented layout. The desktop version just copies everything that is ugly and horrible and uncomfortable to use in the old 1Password 6, all those decisions which AgileBits itself mostly moved away from in the 1Password 7 versions and later. 


    What I really loved about Enpass was that It was a great desktop app that looked and worked natively cross platform, and that it also had Android and iOS apps. It was exactly like 1Password 4 on Windows used to be. That is why I always recommended my family, friends and colleagues to use Enpass. 


    But with the beta versions of Enpass 6 for Desktop, all of those good qualities have been destroyed. 

    More than 3 beta versions have been released, and they still have not managed to fix basic scrolling and button placement.

    They have not implemented a proper menu bar and they have not moved away from the horrible and keyboard and mouse hostile tablet user interface.

    Last I checked, there were also a lot of bugs with right clicking as well. 


    So basically everything that makes a proper and usable desktop app is either not going to be implemented, or not going to work properly. 

    There is no hope for fixing it anymore. There is no reason to use a mobile version of a product that is awful to use on desktop.

    Everyone who wants for a good password manager should switch to another service. 

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