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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, Can someone please provide a step by step guide on how to sync 1 vault between two devices by using a folder sync application? I'm using resilio for this. I can create a new vault on one device and setup a sync via folder. I can see my .enpassdbsync file property shared between my devices. However, when I try to set up the second device, there is no option to immediately setup a synced vault. This means that I have to create a second vault and then I can only setup a sync for that vault too.. I want to only have 1 vault, not 2. If I try to restore the synced vault on my second device, it works fine but when I try to setup syncing, then it duplicates the vault file.. Could someone help please? Thanks!
  2. I am starting to love Enpass. But I am also minimizing my dependencies on cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. I have switched to SyncThing which is now used to sync my Whatsapp msg backup folder, the Whatsapp media folder, my phone camera folder and my phone pictures folder. The most important one is Enpass. I believe this would simply work if Enpass would store the encrypted database in a folder that has the same name/structure across OS's (Debian, Android, Windows). Can this be easily implemented?
  3. I have been using Enpass for years and I've always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the new release (v6) completely changed some of the unique features of this useful application such as Folders (which have been converted to tags). How am I suppose to find the information I'm looking for with tags? I literally have thousands of entries and the only best way for me was going through the folder structure. Now in the new update, it's almost impossible to create a new entry because I can no longer create a new item inside an existing folder and I have to add a tag to it. The worst part is I have to remember the whole path of tags which is realistically impossible. Please let me know if there is a solution to my problem.
  4. When the browser extension pops-up to save a new login... I would like to assign the category/folder (tagging would be nice too) Currently the browser extension will prompt to save a new login, I save the login, then I go to the desktop app, search for the new login, then assign the category/folder for organization. Thanks.
  5. Hi Enpass team, can I import data with a custom csv file into separeted folders and subfolders? The problem is, that I have a large Keepass database with hundreds of values, organized in custom folders and subfolders. When I import them to Enpass with the provided import tool, all folders are gone and I have to manual recreate them and assign its vaue(s) by hand. I hope you can help me. Thx Ronny
  6. How can I move an existing item from one folder to a different already existing folder?
  7. I'm a new user - really like Enpass so far. I'm importing several hundred items from eWallet and having some difficulty. I broke an eWallet Text Export into separate eWallet .txt files, creating a single text file for each eWallet folder. My plan was to Import the text file, move the items into a named folder from the Import Category, Delete those items from "Import" and then go on to the next text file Import. This doesn't work. The Import process works fine but when I move the Imported items into the target folder from the Import Category, it does not actually MOVE them from "Import" but instead appears to create a copy of the Item in the target folder. This behavior seems different than what is documented in the Manual in regard to Drag&Drop. Any subsequent attempts to delete the items from the Import Category deletes the item both in Import and in the target folder. It seems to be simply creating a reference pointer to the item rather than creating a COPY of the Item or reassigning the item(s) to the target folder as desired. I tried syncing, exiting and restarting but nothing changes the behavior. Further Imports just keep piling up in the Import Category creating a bigger and bigger unorganized mess. Appreciate any help you can offer....would like to find a way to MOVE items into folders, or to be able to specify a target folder when performing the Import (rather than just dumping into the Import Category). Update #1: With further testing it seems that moving items from Category A to Category B works fine. Moving items from Folder A to Folder B works fine. However when moving from any Category to any Folder, a Copy function rather than a Move function is performed. Update #2: Okay, I think I have an understanding now. This is different that other products I have worked with...it seems that EVERYTHING (as in every item) must first be assigned to a Category. Folders can exist but they are merely reference pointers to the actual items contained in the set of Categories. Kind of like a different view of the same data. I'll open a feature request (if one doesn't exist already) for the ability of the user to Add additional Categories.
  8. gammy

    Sync to Folder

    On the Linux desktop client (and presumably the windows client), there is "Sync with Folder" option, which appears to be unavailable on Android (tested only on Enpass 5.2.0, Android 6.0.1; CyanogenOS 13.0). I'd like this feature so that I can use Syncthing to synchronize my Enpass instances. As the Sync to Folder option on the Desktop creates a wallet with a nonstandard filename ("sync default.walletx" - no underscore), one cannot use the default Android folder (hardcoded to "/storage/emulated/0/Enpass_backups/" for some unknown reason), which contains the default wallet in "/storage/emulated/0/Enpass_backups/Enpass/sync_default.walletx" (underscore). Use case: Clients A and B are running linux. Client C is running Android. The Default Enpass wallet directory on A and B is set to ~/Enpass/. Clients A and B have the "Sync to Folder" enabled and set to sync to ~/Enpass/Sync/, which is of course synchronized via Syncthing. On A and B, Syncthing is configured share ~/Enpass/ with A, B and C. Client C maps that sync share to /storage/emulated/0/Enpass_Backups/ (as this is where Enpass stores its data, and this path is not adjustable in any way) Without the "Sync to Folder" option on C, and without the filenames being the same, there appears to be no way to synchronize the files. Thus, the main desired missing features on Android: Sync to Folder Select default Enpass folder ("To SD card" or whatever is not sufficient) As the Android app is fairly pricey, I'd expect these features. Cheers PS: Hm, on further thought, it seems "Sync to Folder" doesn't work on Linux at all. In any sense.
  9. Using the v5.3.0 on Windows 7 x64, I can't find how to create a folder at the root. If I select a folder and create a new folder, the new folder will be created underneath. But how can I create a new folder at the root ?
  10. Hi, Unless I'm mistaken, I didn't find how to move an item from a folder to another one (I'm using the Universal Application on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile) Will you implement this functionlity to this version of Enpass ? Thanks
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