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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I would like to know if there is an 2FA-Option additionally to the Master-Password when I open my Passwortmanager? Of course I hope, that nobody cracks my Master-Password. However "better safe than sorry" ... since 2FA is an important security-feature, I wonder why this option to add an 2FA (and I don't mean the Logins for my inside-Password) is not available yet? Or did I miss it? Thanks for your answer in advance. Best Regards
  2. Recently something came across my mind. Enpass user manual says that all my data is encrypted using my master password then how come when I switch on biometrics I can open enpass with my fingerprint only?
  3. I'm using Linux, and I want to input a master password automatically on login. I think it's good if Enpass can be passed a master password from stdin like this: # store password to GNOME Keyring secret-tool store --label "Enpass master password" type enpass # set this command on login sh -c "secret-tool lookup type enpass | /opt/enpass/Enpass --pw-stdin" Could you consider this function?
  4. I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix this. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me? Using my Android 9 phone, if enable pin to unlock, press home, open Enpass, it asks for the pin - all good. But if I view recently used apps, click the x, then open Enpass, it asks for the master password, even-though pin is still enabled in settings; if I enable fingerprint, it asks for that every-time too. My previous Android 6 phone, I open recent apps, click the garbage icon, open Enpass, it asks for my pin and not master password - the way I'm used to. Back to my Android 9. I've disabled developer options, disabled all app blocking, disabled battery optimization, but it still doesn't behave properly. I've searched online trying to find a solution, but nothing I've come across has helped. I am so lost and confused trying to fix this, any ideas?
  5. I have setup a PIN in IOS. I understand that the Master password will be mandatory to unlock after three incorrect attempts of PIN. Is it possible to have the option of forcing the Master password (as in the case in Windows).
  6. I've updated the master pasword in my iOS app but the master pasword in the desktop app remains the old master pasword.
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