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New items shouldn't be automatically added to any folders


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When I add a new item (say, a login), on completion I see that it has been added automatically to almost all of the folders I've created. It should actually be added to none of them. What folders an item belongs in is up to me, I would think. It's not a convenience to have to go through and remove the item from all of the incorrect folders.

It wouldn't be as bad if there was a way I could edit the folders an item is in, but there isn't. I just added an item and then had to go through and remove it from ten folders. And it was added to my favourites as well.

Please fix this.

Edit: I just noticed that new items are even added to folders that no longer exist, so I have to recreate a folder just to remove an item that shouldn't have been added there in the first place.

Another edit: Recreating the folder doesn't actually work. So the new item is forever in a non-existent folder.

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