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Enpass - Dropbox integration broken

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I've installed Enpass, through the hellish Microsoft Store as a download is not available.

When running for the first time, I'm given an option on sych online via DropBox.
After so sketchy Firefox integration, it fails with a "Something went wrong. Error -1"

It seems the Enpass developers have taken cues from Microsoft for giving insightful error messages.


So it won't work, it wont sync.  Help please.

Windows 10 - brand new install.
Same with Firefox

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Hi, I am a user only.  I had trouble syncing across dropbox but not TO dropbox.

Under the vault setting, is the SYNC now button shown?  What does it say under the LAST SYNCRONIZED field?

So far, Sync is working for me also using brand new Win10 install; 

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Hey @Dougga,

Sorry for the trouble you're going through.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists.

  • Open Enpass --> It will display a welcome screen --> Select Create new --> Create a Password.
  • Now Go to Settings --> Vaults --> Tap on Primary and enable sync with Dropbox.

Hope this helps!

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