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OneDrive sync do not work with 2FA / MFA?


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I really like Enpass and use it multiple Windows devices. 

Everything works fine. Then I activated OneDrive two factor authentication, and sync stopped working. I installed Enpass new device while havin 2FA enabled. It could read data from OneDrive, but after initial load sync didn't work.

After disabling 2FA sync started working with every device.

Any workarouds? Any fix coming up? Or is this stupid user error?

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I tried to disconnect and reconnect from settings, of course. Nothing happens. It automatically reconnects, without asking password or permissions.

I thought I should try to uninstall everything, enable 2FA and reinstall everything but I thought to ask first here.

I use latest Windows 10-versions:

Windows 10 Insider 15055 (Desktop & UWP)

Windows 10 Enterprise 14393 (Desktop & UWP)

Windows 10 Mobile Insider 15055 (UWP)

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Hi @Kontti,

Thanks for your prompt reply and I'm sorry that the workaround didn't help.

You can try uninstalling app in any one of your devices and share the results with us. Before that please let me know:

  • Which Authentication method are you using for 2FA( Sms, Call, Authenticator app or any other)?
  • While syncing what error message or code are you getting?

Thanks for your co-operation!

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Got it to work!

So I enabled 2FA AND removed all trusted computers from Microsoft Account.

After that all UWP apps started to work (after reauthenticate) and all the desktop app had to first disconnect from Onedrive and reconnect. That's it.

Now everything works! (So many new items created in every device and checked that every item gets to every device and app)

Thank you for your help, @Anshu kumar!

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