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AWS Login - Account ID won't fill

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since I have to manage multiple AWS accounts, I need to use the advanced Login screen which has a 3rd field on it:

  • account (id)
  • username
  • password

I'm running enpass 5.5.2 with the browser extension on chromium browser on a arch linux system.

Enpass didn't recognise the login page, so I created multiple entries with the URL and username/password myself, which works great so far:

On the login formula I click the extension , get a list of all the accounts I created and click on it -> the username and password fields are filled correctly.

However there is the third field which need to be filled aswell.

I created a custom field in enpass named "account" (this is the id AND name of the field in html) and entered the correct values.

The field and its values is saved correctly.

But I can't get enpass to fill it in, it still only fills username and password.

I tried changing the order of fields to the one on the page, but no success.


Is there something I'm missing? 

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<div class="textinput" id="input_account">
                          <label for="account">Konto:</label>
                          <input id="account" name="account" autocapitalize="off" autocorrect="off" value="" data-enpassid="__9" data-enpass.usermodified="yes">

I recognised there is a "data-enpassid" value at the input.

Googling for that doesn't give any useful information, I guess I have to use this ID somehow?


PS: I just found 

 which seems to be exactly my problem.

Unfortunately this seems to be not implemented yet (if this information is up to date).

Are there any plans in which version this feature will be available?

I think Enpass is a great tool, but I really need this feature, and since last-pass is getting worse each new update I don't think there are many (useful) alternatives. :(

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@Heiko I am coming off using 1Password and have similar issues with some accounts that require multiple entries (sometimes on different pages too) such as ID and password plus a transaction password

In 1Password I used an approach with a totally separate Login entry just to carry the transaction password.  

So I had "Acme Corporation Login" with ID and Password and "Acme Corporation Trans" with the Transaction Password. That worked OK for me....maybe worth trying on the AWS account?

Else-wise, for me, I am OK with waiting on Enpass for the forthcoming release, and in the meantime, using cut and paste where necessary, if the separate login entries method doesn't work on a particular site I access (but then I don't have too many accounts needing 3 or more login items).

@Anshu kumar , looking forward to the next major version with support for Form filler ! 

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thanks for the replies.

I ended up using KeePass2 with the http Plugin and Chromium with chromeIPass Plugin now.

This is kind of uncomfortable to setup but works exactly as I'd expect when it comes down to filling in the Logins.

Maybe I'll review Enpass when the next Major is out. :)

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