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Again, huge issue in Desktop Version


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Ok, fisrt of all, and I  alreadt said it before, the android app is by far the best App in the PLay Store, I triyed almost all and this is te best.

The huge issue is with the desktop version. I received too many stop working, for some reason I am not able when I am a new user to sync the fisr time with google drive and the most important issue is that is the 2nd time that after a while the master PWD is not being recognixed. I just opened the app, I check one password but I receibed an stop working pop-up so I need it to open again and after that the master PWD is not being recognized again.

I am so frustraiting with this, I love the Android App but I also need a desktop version and Enpass has too many issues.

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Hi @Santiago 

Thanks for writing to us and liking Enpass. 

Desktop version also offer very smooth experience but I am really very sorry to hear that you are having trouble in unlocking keychain on Desktop. To get rid of this issue please check out this link.

If your problem still persists, please share some more info so that we can help you in a better way.

  • On which devices (all of them, along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  • Does Enpass (desktop) also crash when you try to search for any particular item?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on each device?
  • Have you changed the default location of Enpass database?
  • In which language along with its keyboard layout are using for Enpass?
  • Have you recently changed your Master password on any device?

We will do our best to make Enpass work smoothly on your desktop too.


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Hi Anshu,

I changed the sync cloud service, now I use OneDrive and not Google Drive but today again the master pasword is not being recognized in the desktop version. Just in the mobile. 

I love this app but unfortunately this is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that the desktop version does not recognize the master pwd. It is so frustrating

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