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Only allow fingerprint after master password has been entered once


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As discussed previously, Enpass on Android still allows to unlock the app by fingerprint after the device (or just the app) have been restarted. It should really require the master password when unlocking for the first time.

This is really important for security.

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Disagree.  I've enabled fingerprint which was off by default.  I want to be able to use it instead of my password, regardless of whether I've just started the app or not.  It's my preferred method of authentication, and I accept the risk that someone might acquire my fingerprint - if someone has managed to do so, and has access to my phone, I have bigger problems.  But I am not an international spy, nor, to my knowledge, are any interested in my reddit password.

If this feature becomes reality, I would really hope that it's a configurable option, because the current behavior is exactly what I need and want.


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For security's sake I think it would be best to have master password for first unlock after device reboot as default. And in the settings for finger-prints an option should be there for those who accept the slight risk of going past the master password.

So, a compromise between the two. :)

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