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Swap primary vault with a secondary one


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Hi there,

I've been an avid Enpass user for a few years now and whenever I get the chance (eg: here just yesterday), I keep telling everyone what a great product it is!

So I've set up my "primary" vault containing business data many moons ago; then along came the multiple vaults feature and I've finally gotten around to writing some Python code to convert my 15+ years old creaking eWallet store to Enpass as a secondary vault.  This works great; for me - as for many others I believe - separation of concerns has been one of the key use-cases for multiple vaults.

Now I'd quite like to swap these two vaults around so my personal vault is the primary and my business data is stored as a secondary vault.  Can this be done?  I suppose this might be possible by starting everything afresh and re-importing the data using the "sync" feature (I use WebDav, works a treat)... but I'd really appreciate if someone can confirm this would work as I definitely don't want to run the risk of losing any data.

Many thanks!

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Replying to my own question in case it helps someone else: I can confirm that swapping the primary vault with a secondary one can simply be achieved by:

  1. Ensuring everything is "cloud" (or WebDAV) synced
  2. Using the "Erase everything" button under Settings -> Advanced
  3. Create a new "primary" vault and choose the "restore from existing sync location" option
  4. Repeat step 3 for any secondary vault

Usual caveats apply: make sure you have an offline backup of as much stuff as possible to be on the safe side...

This procedure has been successfully tested on both iOS and the desktop (Linux) versions of Enpass versions 6.3/6.2

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  • 3 years later...

I registered and created an account just to say thank you for saving me the time... I really wish Enpass was more flexible, and allowed for:

- the changing of primary accounts

- removing primary account

There's a bit of a lack of clarity around the "Master Password" for me, also. Each vault has it's own password, but the master password is always the primary vault password, yes? This tripped me up quite a bit.

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Hi @amdrecording

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

The Primary vault is the first vault you create in Enpass. The name and icon of the Primary vault are not customizable. Moreover, removing Primary vault is possible but only by removing the Enpass app from the device. You can also refer to this link to know more about Vaults.

Also, the password of the Primary vault also acts as a Master Password for accessing Enpass on your devices. All other vaults you add in Enpass are referred to as secondary vaults and they have their own Vault passwords.

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