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Sync Google Drive vs Dropbox


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When I sync via Google Drive, I get a file `sync_default.walletx`. However, if I add an attachment, it is not visible in the `Enpass` directory. Wallet size stays the same. I have tried though, attachments are being synch'd to my Android app just fine.

When I sync via Dropbox, the `App/Enpass` folder contains a wallet file and for each attachment a file. Why the difference between Google Drive and Dropbox? Where are the attachments sync'd using Google Drive?

Thank you.

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Hello @Vincent91,

Thanks for reporting your concern on the forums.

It seems that you were earlier using an older version of Enpass (version 5) that creates a file with extension walletx on the cloud. However, with Enpass ver 6, there are architectural and nomenclature changes to the file extensions on cloud. 

You are now running Enpass version 6 on your devices, and with Enpass ver 6, the sync data is no longer visible to the plain sight of user in Google Drive. The cloud data is hidden in Google Drive, however, in Dropbox, the sync data is visible under Apps/Enpass directory.


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