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Dropbox sync fails after sleep/wakeup on Mac


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I've run into the following issue with Enpass v5.5.6 on macOS 10.12.5:

  • Dropbox sync is enabled and is working fine.
  • I leave the office, where I was connected to the Wifi network. I close my MacBook and get on the train.
  • On the train, I work on the MacBook, but not connected to a Wifi network. Before I exit the train, I close the MacBook again.
  • At home, I open the MacBook and it connects to my home Wifi network.
  • When I now make a change in Enpass, the Synchronize icon starts spinning and sync never finishes

The only fix for this is to quite Enpass and start it again.

Can you please verify whether this is a known issue, or a new bug?

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