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Syncing problems from Android to Windows PC


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I'm a new user of Enpass and has so far only used syncing from PC to Android by plugin in my mobile and drag an drop the sync-file to my mobile. Today I added some new accounts on my phone and wanted to sync them to my PC and tried drag and drop the other way around, but then when I later synced in the PC program the new account didn't show up. Have tried multiple times, but the problem remain. Please help!

PC: Dell Latitude E5440, Windows 10 Pro, Enpass version

Phone: Motorola G5+, Android 8.1.0, Enpass


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Hey @ajbp95,

Welcome to Enpass forum!

Could you let me know which sync option are you using to sync your PC and Android device? If you're using a folder-sync and the newly-added items aren't visible on the PC, then most probably they wouldn't have synced to your Android device's sync file. Please disconnect the sync on Android device, delete the sync file and sync again. Use the same file on your PC to check if all the data now syncs.


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