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Syncing via dropbox blocked when iOS app open


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Thanks for writing in.

I would like to share that when you save any changes in your Enpass keychain, the sync is triggered after 5 secs, and in case if Enpass is sent to background before those 5 secs, there might be a chance that sync doesn't initiate and changes would not reflect on the cloud (Dropbox in your case). 

For Testing Purpose:

Do some sample changes (like mark any item to favorite, add a new item, add a new folder ) on the iOS device and wait for more than 5 sec and now move app to background and let me know if the changes reflected on other devices?

Thanks for your co-operation!


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Thanks for the reply. 

Unfortunately after an hour or so of experimenting, I'm seeing mixed results.  Sometimes it works and sometimes whilst Enpass is open on my iPhone, even if in the background, no other device can sync.  But strangely, sometimes it does work.


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