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I have followed the instructions in Share to share a login from my mobile app to my desktop iteration of Enpass, which is on Linux. I used a private cloud to share the login (using PSK), and got an `.enpasscard.txt` file on the other side. It is unclear to me how to follow instruction in Adding a shared item to now import the password on my desktop. What am I missing?

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Hey @Jonatan,

Thanks for posting your concern on the forums!

19 hours ago, Jonatan said:

and got an `.enpasscard.txt` file on the other side

The extension of file containing item should ideally be `.enpasscard` and not a .txt. You'll have to check how .txt suffix appends at the end. Once you have a ".enpasscard" file on your system, you can open the same using installed Enpass application. You could also share items (in .enpasscard format) via email protected with a PSK. 

Let us know if this helps.


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