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Unable to sync to Dropbox on ONE machine


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I have one instance of Enpass that will not sync with dropbox.

This machine is in the same office as another machine that has NO problems syncing with dropbox.  Both use the same router and hub.  Both are wired.  Both are the same version of WIN10, although one is new and one is a conversion.




Hi Pratyush Sharma

Thanks for writing in.
We need some details so that we can investigate what could be the reason for the issue.  Please share the following details at support@enpass.io 

  • Sync error code or message you are getting.
  • Device and OS versions of all the devices are you using.
  • Does the issue occur on a particular device or all devices?


I have upgraded to the latest "fixed" version today.  (downloaded over the internet after being prompted by Enpass)
I have disconnected dropbox from this version of enpass; then reauthorized it  (used the internet to reauthorize it)
I have rebooted the machine.
I have allowed Enpass to try and update overnight.
The circle of syncing spins and never stops!

IF it does fail, it says "Internet Error.  Please check your internet connection and try again".
The internet is active and connected; I can run speed checks to the internet and not have any problems.  I attempted to update drivers for the network card, but they were up to date.
I work on this computer all day -- I am on the internet all day.

Windows defender security firewall is running.  I turned it off.  There was no change to Enpass syncing.

Dell Optiplex; Windows 10, syncing problem on one computer only that I am aware of.


Thank you.






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