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Sync Windows & Android is only one-way?


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I just started using enPass and I thought I would do some tests before I throw anything I hold dear onto it. And thank the gods for that. :)

I have set up both my phone (Note4 Android) and my computer (Windows 10) to use the same dropbox account. And here's the strange thing:

  • Changing on android app, press sync, open desktop app, sync, works fine
  • Changing on desktop app, press sync, open android app, sync, nothing updates... 

How can a sync only be one-way?

There is no error-message during this. I have tried forcing it to sync in the phone. I can change stuff on my computer, but they don't propagate to the phone. But if I do stuff on my phone it propagates happily to my computer?! 

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I have a smilar Android/Windows sync problem. I imported around 300 passwords on the Windows app and then bought the Android app, but it won't sync the entries I imported on the Windows side.

I created a test login on the Windows app and it showed on the phone, and then a test note on the phone and it synced with the PC, so they can obviously comunicate, but the phone app will not show my 300+ imported passwords.

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @Mourao 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your problem.

For quick troubleshooting, please disconnect sync from both the devices and reconnect again. Make sure you are using the same cloud account with correct date/time on both the devices (preferably, set it to automatic). Now make some changes in your Enpass keychain (like, mark an item favorite) on your Windows PC and check if it's reflected on your Android device too.

If your problem still persists, we have some queries for you, please let us know:

  • On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on each of the devices?
  • Which cloud service are you using to sync?
  • Are you using Pro version on the Android device?
  • Do the last sync and last attempt time stamps get updated on the sync page?  

Awaiting your response.


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Hi I have the same problem, I purchased Enpass for my Windows 10 PC from Microsoft Store so I thought that it would sync with my Android.

I ensured I have both Items synced with Dropbox but the Android still says that i have the the Trial version and I should upgrade to Pro version, I read that is should cover all devices.

Please help I am sick reading and trying to sync my devices.

regards CaryV

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