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John Doe

Excellent software - few minor things to improve please

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I love your software on iOS and Mac Safari.   A few suggestions to improve the Mac experience please. Each of these are very small 'quality of life' changes please and I hope you can deliver on them. 

1. When using the safari autofill, and upon selecting a login item from browser extension -> if I press Cmd+E to open the same item in the desktop app -> it should directly open that item on Mac desktop. At the moment it takes me to the Mac desktop main page, where I have to search that login item once again

2. Similar to (1), if I am on a login item on browser extension, and then I click my mouse to go back to the web page  I was on and then immediately press the keyboard browser extension again -> it should show me  my previous searched and opened login item. At the moment - upon pressing the shortcut key of browser extension again ->  it will require me to search the same login item again on browser extension!. Perhapsi ntroduce a time limit of say 2-3 mins after which, using the browser shortcut key,  will refresh the login item back to the way it is right now.  Reason I ask is that many times I have searched for a login item and then need to copy the username to paste on the website, and then press the shortcut key again to copy the password ---> and its gone, and I have to search the login item again !

3. We need keyboard extensions in Mac Safari browser extension to copy the username and password from the login item box. At the moment -> only way is through a mouse click

4. On the Mac Desktop app -> if I am on the edit screen of a login item -> I am unable to use my keyboard up and keyboard down arrow keys to select text in any of your fields. For e.g. if I have to edit a URL, usually one should be able to use their keyboard up and down keys to select text. I can't do that on your Mac desktop edit fields 

5. Finally on the generate password feature on IOS and Mac -> please give additional options for e.g. to include a number, special character, Uppercase, Lowercase when generating password. Some websites insist on any of these combination and I am unable to make them satisfy when using the password generator

Hopefully all are small changes for your incredible dev team - kudos and full speed ahead



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Hey Guys,

I am glad to share that the above feature request has been implemented in Enpass v6.4.2 for mobiles and Enpass v6.4.1 for desktops. Enjoy!


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