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unable to connect to a shared vault that is in Onedrive


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All software is up to date on 2 iphone 7 plus and Windows 10 pc.  I have a vault with `130 items in in that works just fine between the Windows 10 enpass app and my iphone 7 plus.  I can add or change entries on either device, do a sync, and other device shows the change.  Beautiful.  So I share the OneDrive\Apps\Enpass folder with my wife's email address using Onedrive sharing.  The Onedrive app on her iphone 7 plus sees the shared Onedrive folder and vault file.  I install her copy of Enpass and start the app, I tell it to use Onedrive to start, but the Enpass app never sees the shared Onedrive folder and creates an Enpass1 folder with an empty vault file in it.  Both iphones own a lifetime copy of Enpass bought through the Apple store under each of our email addresses.  i just want both our phones to be able to share and change all our mutual passwords...Please help

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Hi @FishBed,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please note that Enpass ver6.4 has a few changes w.r.t implementation of One-Drive sync because we have introduced support for One-Drive for Business. If you're experiencing issues with One-Drive sync, please update Enpass to the latest version on all the devices and disconnect the sync. After disconnecting, set up sync on all the devices with the same One-Drive account, and the data will sync as before. If you have any issues, please follow the help article here. Please revert us back if the problem persists.


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