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[Solved] Windows XP last supported version of Enpass?


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Hello Enpass Support,

What was the last version of Enpass supported on Win XP (32bit) machines. I have someone running a machine with v5.2.0 and its working away as expected with sync of backup file to Box cloud servers. Just wondering if it can be updated to version 5.6.9 if I can get the .exe anywhere.  I recall that versions >5.6.9 required a 64bit machine and that the sync wallet file was changed to from "sync_default. walletx" to a newer file called "vault.enpassbsync".

Does Enpass have a archive folder online where a user can access older versions the Enpass software directly form Enpass?

User understands the risks associated with use of older software on unsupported OS's but it does what is required and the data is not high security.

Thank you in advance.

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Issue solved so just cleaning up and adding extra tags
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Hey @Anon

Please be informed that sync_default.walletx file format is the synced file of Enpass 5 and vault.enpassdbsync is the synced file format of Enpass 6.To restore the Enpass data, please refer to this link.

NOTE- Since Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with Enpass 6, and not with previous versions. So, to test the sync functionality, you’d need to install either the Enpass 5 or Enpass 6 on your all devices. To install the Enpass version 5, please go through this link    and for Enpass 6, refer to this link.


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@Garima Singh Thank you for reply and links. I checked out your link and downloaded the v5.6.10 (Enpass 5) for Windows and it installed on the Windows XP 32 bit machine and it appears to be working/syncing as normal. Thank you for assistance.

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I installed the software since last reply and it appears to be working as normal.
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