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Hi @Les

Can I ask why?

Because if the note field is empty, it will not be showed on the right side. If you edit a item, then the note field is at the bottom and I think it will nobody disturb at the bottom.


@Enpass-Team maybe when can merge this two topics together.


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Found similar topic in feature request. Both topics can be merged together
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My initial thought was well why not.  You can remove all the other fields.  Why would this one be so different that has to be mandatory?

As to space it does take up space while I am editing.  Technically, it does take up at least a bit somewhere in storage even if it is empty.

It seems like it should be just another field type like any other field that would be specified.

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Understood.  However, I was just making a request or suggestion for a modification to the application.  From the sounds of it then it should just be a matter of setting an attributes show or use property to false.  Then again, I am a developer but not a developer of this application so I don't know the level of complexity and as I stated it was just a request or suggestion.

It does appear that others are a few others that may be interested in it and as time goes on more may chime in.


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