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I have another account I used in my old iPod touch, it doesn't have a lot but when I want to sync it with another Android device and it asked me for the master password, it shows that it's not correct. I keeps trying but no use. So, I deleted the main folder in Google Drive so I can start fresh. It didn't work and it keeps asking the main password.

Need your help, until now I couldn't  new device setup as Enpass is the first app I install to make it easy to complete setup and installing other apps.

2020-05-07 21:31:28.png


2020-05-07 21:31:54.png

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Hey @Abdullah

Welcome to the forum!

Please follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Disconnect Sync from all your devices which are synced from your Google Drive.
  • Open Google Drive in Browser---> Goto Setting--->Select Manage Apps--->Click on Enpass Option--->Select Delete hidden App Data. (make sure that hidden data is deleted from the drive)
  • Reconnect sync on all the devices from Google Drive.


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